Walibi Holland – Covid-19 Measures and Speed Zone – June 2020

Sven: To celebrate my birthday and because I really needed a theme park instead of my Orlando planned trip, we went back to Walibi Holland! One of the coaster capitals of Europe with the beloved Untamed, Goliath and Lost Gravity. However, we needed to adapt a bit because of their Covid-19 measures.

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As almost every park in Europe, we needed to make reservations on the website to enter the park. As it was a weekday, there weren’t a lot of people in the park. Yet, to queue for the major rides, they have a special system in place. Instead of standing in line, they opened up their Fast Lane system for all guests!

After making reservations, you get an email with a link to a special page. Here you can enter virtual queues for the several rides once the park is open. That meant that as you enter the park at 10 a.m., you can click on the ride and immediately make a reservation. If a lot of people have done so as well, there is a wait time indicated before you can make the actual reservation.

This system works quite well as that leaves you with limited guests in the queue. There you should only wait for a max of 15 minutes. Also, it is not available for all rides so you can ride those while you wait.

New for this year at the park is the continuation of the “festivalization” theme at the park. This time, the Goliath area got a redo with the introduction of the Speed Zone. Several rides got new theme and also along the midway.

The kiddie drop tower Space Kidz got a nice makeover, just like the bigger version: Space Shot.

Near Goliath itself, they really improved the station and the main sign got some new paint to match the blue color of the ride. I really like the speed limit poles on top of the shop!

They also gave a teaser of the new theme coming to Condor next year with the new trains (if plans remain as is). The bumper cars got some paint even though they are closed at the moment due to the measures.

Finally, the main reason why I picked Walibi Holland for a visit on my birthday: Untamed. It remains a kick-ass coaster, especially towards the end of the day. In the morning I found it a bit soft but that improved during the day. Plus the green in the area really started growing fitting the Wilderness theme. We had a great day, even though it rained a bit. They still need to work on their indoor ride collection as Merlin’s Magic Castle is the only one at the moment. Yet, Walibi Holland is all about their thrilling coasters which we enjoyed!

Thank you for checking out this Walibi Holland report! We’ve got lots of post-covid reports coming soon, some of which are already live, such as our Efteling and Frontier City articles!

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