Parc Astérix – Staying at Les Quais de Lutèce Hotel

Sven: I hope you have already heard of Parc Astérix. It’s the theme park less than an hour away from Disneyland Paris with rides that DLP doesn’t have. Major coasters and 4 water rides! We went for a two day stay and enjoyed their newest hotel: Les Quais de Lutèce. You’ll want to see this!

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We arrived an hour after opening at the hotel. Because of the Covid-19 measures, we had to text the hotel when we arrived. That way, the hotel lobby is never too full. As it didn’t work, I called the lobby and I was good for check-in. On the outside, the hotel doesn’t look that impressive but already inside it’s stunning. Plus it has an incredible smell!

Rooms are only available starting 5 p.m. so we left our luggage in the car and walked through the hotel to the park. Already here, you can notice how stunning it is!

Before we talk more about the hotel, let’s talk about the park first. As you walk towards it, you’re right next to their major wooden coaster: Tonnerre de Zeus. It’s one of Europe’s few CCI coasters built and the largest one for he four with a total track length of 4,044 feet (1232,6 m). In the morning it ran a bit slow but towards the end of the day, it really packed speed. The best rides though are after the rain, then it rides insane.

The park has quite some must do rides, so let’s highlight some of those. For families there are two must ride coasters. There is a third family coaster: Vol d’Icare, but this Zierer is not the best. The first one of the must do’s is one of their newer additions: Pégase Express. A Gerstlauer Family launch coaster which also goes backwards. Similar thus to Firechaser Express at Dollywood. It’s themed in Greek subway style and you have a special stop along the way at Medusa’s.

The second one is one of the best Bobsled coasters out there: Trace du Hourra. Totally hidden in a forest, you reach a height among the treetops to go down several helices. Really a fun ride and it was running pretty smooth.

As mentioned, there are four water rides: a log flume, a spill-water, a rapid and spinning raft. All of them are really good versions of the ride types, maybe ranking the rapid as least impressive. The Hopkins log flume, Menhir Express, has a special element in the middle of the ride and gets really popular. The spill water, Le Grand Splatch, has total length of about 1771 feet (540 meter) with several water effects along the way. And the White Water Spinning Raft, L’Oxygénarium, is also quite lengthy for the type and can spin incredibly fast!

They also have quite a lot of flat and thrill rides: a bounty, teacups, a flying carpet, an octopus ride, a themed tow boat ride… But another noticeable ride here is their Disk’o Coaster: Discobélix. Heavily themed and several effects (even though the water effects didn’t work unfortunately).

Is that it then? Of course not! Besides Tonnerre de Zeus, there are two other major coasters. I’m sure you’ve already heard of Goudurix, known as one of the most painful coasters out there. This Vekoma looper held the record of most inversions in Europe (with 7 in total) for a few years until PortAventura broke it with Dragon Khan. Personally I don’t like it that much and I rode it once nevertheless. But visually, it remains a lovely ride though!

The main coaster of the parks has to be OzIris, often referenced among fans as baby Montu. The only B&M coaster at any of the Compagnie des Alpes parks has an Egyptian theme. It’s very enjoyable with some nice inversions. The only downside here where that the corona measures we’re not greatly followed. They have put yellow lines on the ground to keep distance but guests don’t follow this at all. Face masks are required in the queue and on the ride, but also that is too hard for most people. They also filled up the train as normal which we did not agree on when they wanted to put another family next to us. They have a staff member ask you to disinfect your hands before every ride so that was the only reassurance.

The park did not open new rides this year, but they had two new ones last year. The first one being L’Aventure Astérix. This immersive walk through tells you more about the history of the comics and the characters. For those of you who don’t know the comic stories of Astérix and Obélix, they are Gaulish warriors who fight the Roman Empire of taking over their village. They can win several battles even though outnumbered because of a magic potion brewed by the town druid. A fun part here was a park map explaining which comics inspired the several themes of the rides.

The second and larger ride is Attention Menhir!, a 4D theater with a unique show for the park. The town druid gets knocked out by a menhir, a large point shaped rock, which means that he cannot brew the magic potion anymore. Obviously this causes trouble and they need to solve it as quick as possible before the Romans can win over their village. In general, I’m not a big fan of 4D theaters at theme parks but this was the best one I have ever seen. Good quality screens, subtle but effective movement of the chairs, laser and classic leg whipping + water spraying effects… A pleasant surprise, especially at the end!

After many rides, we returned back to our hotel. As mentioned the outside doesn’t look al that impressive.

But once in the inner court, it does! Les Quais du Lutèce only opened last week so everything still looked fresh and new. The name of the hotel loosely translated means “The Docks of Paris” as Lutèce was a Roman Empire city where you can now find Paris.

We entered our room and although it looks quite simple, the materials used are of decent quality. We had a four person room with bathroom, separate toilet and it also had a cupboard area.

Our room didn’t look out on the inner side of the hotel unfortunately, but we did have the forest side! We could hear lots of birds in the morning!

We also made reservations for dinner at the new restaurant: Les Berges de Seines (Banks of the Seine). Here we had a 3-course menu with several options available. The restaurant itself on the inside isn’t excessively themed but it provides a fitting setting. At dinner, it wasn’t too crowded. Especially compared to breakfast as the same restaurant is used but a lot more people were there, making it quite noisy as it doesn’t have the greatest acoustics. Also due to the measures, we first had to take our appetizer and dessert and then return later for the main course. It definitely had a good price/quality!

After dinner, we went for a walk around the other hotels. Parc Astérix can be found right next to a forest, so a lovely area to walk. The first other hotel is Les Trois Hiboux (The Three Owls). Not as modern and themed as the other ones but it was their very first hotel. Due to its success, they expanded with the other ones.

The other hotel attracts a lot more the attention: La Cité Suspendue (The Elevated City). Once you walk towards your room, you never touch ground again. A very interesting concept and well executed.

There are three types of blocked houses to stay in and they all had a very “How To Train Your Dragon” vibe. Quite nice though and I would definitely change it up next time to one of these.

And so we returned walking right next to Goudurix and Tonnere de Zeus. Fellow coaster fans will definitely appreciate to see this during the walk.

What was left to do? Well enjoy a cocktail at the bar of course! I enjoyed “L’éclipse”, pretty sweet but not too much. And having a drink in such a setting on a warm summer night is one of the best things to have on vacation.

And during the walk to our room, we enjoyed the view by nightfall. Definitely the best way to see the hotel for sure. We were quite satisfied and had a great second day too. Cheers Parc Astérix for this wonderful new experience!

Thank you for reading our Parc Astérix report! We recently visited two other European parks where we talk about their novelties and Covid-measures: Efteling and Walibi Holland. Also check out our visit to Frontier City!

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  1. Nice hotel, remind me when I read Asterix books when I was a kid.
    Park hotels who do theming in reference to an attraction or their park orientation always offer a plus immersion which is greatly appreciate by guests. Parks should do promotion and special in reference to travel in time or to travel somewhere else.

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