Toutatis Review

With our serial attendance of Disneyland Paris, a detour to for Toutatis was inevitable. There was groveling (what if I told you that the worst person you’ve ever met is actually every single person at Parc Astérix? Not the staff though. The staff are great). Despite this, we nevertheless set sail for France’s new Intamin booty.

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Paris’ Regional Destination: Parc Astérix!

Just outside of Paris is one of Europe’s biggest regional parks: Parc Astérix! While the destination comes from an ambition to build a major park in Paris before Disney could come in and do it, the 1989 theme park is very much different than Disney and offers some fun alternative themes and experiences. Do you still want to go for a resort visit? Parc Astérix has you covered with several onsite resort hotels!

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