Parc Astérix – Top 7 rollercoasters

I visit Parc Astérix very often as it is quite near from Paris and I have changed my mind quite a lot about which is the best rollercoaster at the park. Dragging 2.3M guests in 2019, it is one of the top european park that you must visit if you’re an enthusiast. Here is our ranking of the 7 coasters present at the park:

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7. SOS Numérobis

SOS Numérobis is the tamest ride at the park, it is your classic Tivoli Medium from Zierer, this time themed on the character from Astérix & Cleopatra: Numérobis. This has a 6m tall eight-shaped layout with a max speed of 32kph, the ride isn’t very thrilling, but the first drop delivers some good fun in the back row, the rest is pain and boredom. Though, it does have the advantage of having a good location in a little part of the forest and the train passes underneath Oziris.

6. Le Vol d’Icare

Yet another Zierer, this a quite rare model, the Hornet model, Le Vol d’Icare. It is a family coaster built in 1994 and themed to the famous Greek myth of Icarus and his fall. It’s 10m tall, has a length of 410m and reaches a speed of 42kph. It is quite rough even after the 2017 retrack, and the coaster has brutal braking. However, you can have a good laugh, and it is quite popular to the young audience creating long lines.

5. Goudurix

Goudurix is really the most famous ride at Parc Astérix, even more beyond Oziris! The icon of the park was built in 1989 by Vekoma and rapidly gained the bad reputation for being one of the roughest coasters on earth. To be honest, it depends on the days but it is not as bad as some other coasters like the SLCs or some old wooden coasters. The butterfly is really intense and can make you grey out sometimes, the rest of the ride is quite mundane and very rough. The transitions are shaped as if someone drunk took a pencil and drew the layout of the coaster. Howeve,r it is still one of the crowd’s favorite and is likely to remain for a few more years.

4. La Trace du Hourra

La Trace du Hourra is the park’s Mack Bobsleigh coaster, built in 2001, it is the 2nd longest Bobsleigh by Mack with just Bobbahn at Heide Park above it. The first part is quite intense with some tight turns but it brakes severely while crossing the first MCBR block. The trains then glide into a double helix, another block and one last helix before reaching the final brakes. The ride is quite good for what it is but it had a really strong rattle which forbids the riders to enjoy the full potential of the ride.

3. Pégase Express

Pégase Express is the latest coaster added by Parc Astérix, built in 2017, it is a family launch coaster made by Gerstlauer in the style of Firechaser Express at Dollywood. It has two launches, one backwards and a twisty layout that delivers some good fun for families! It also has a cool dark ride part in the middle of the ride with some great effects! While a good ride, it is quite forceless and starts to rattle but it’s a solid ride that will satisfy youngers’ need for thrills!

2. Tonnerre de Zeus

This is the 1997 CCI wooden coaster of the park, it has been rewarded as the best wooden coaster in the world for a few years after its opening. However it used to have amazing airtime, but nowadays it has lost its shine. It is quite rough and the airtime is absent besides on the drop. It is still very fun because it gives an out of control feeling and has very good laterals. Lightning will strike again in 2022 as the park asked Gravity Group to retrack the coaster. Already two phases on the three scheluded have been completed, the last phase will take place in 2022.

1. Oziris

This is the masterpiece of Parc Asterix, the 2012 built Inverted Coaster by Bolliger & Mabillard. It is truly  a work of art, it combines all the good things about inverts, intensity in the first part and acrobatics in the second part. The first drop is absolutely amazing, delivering awesome ejector airtime in the backrow. The area around is also astonishing, very well themed to the Egyptian adventures of Astérix and Obélix, a lot of details and a great immersion.

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