Paris’ Regional Destination: Parc Astérix!

Just outside of Paris is one of Europe’s biggest regional parks: Parc Astérix! While the destination comes from an ambition to build a major park in Paris before Disney could come in and do it, the 1989 theme park is very much different than Disney and offers some fun alternative themes and experiences. Do you still want to go for a resort visit? Parc Astérix has you covered with several onsite resort hotels!

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Dennlys Parc – A Little Gem Hidden in the North of France

In a time where most of the theme parks in Europe are uncertain about opening in time for the 2021 season, we decided to do a little throwback to last year’s trips and especially to a little park in the north of France, Dennlys Parc. It may be the hidden gem of the north of France, come with us as we recall our visit to Dennlys Parc!

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Walygator Grand Est : Is This Project Too Ambitious?

During a trip in the east of France, we thought: “Why not go back to Walygator to see if it is as bad as it used to be.” So we did! We went back in July of 2020 to the infamous Walygator (now Walygator Grand-Est) mostly to get some rides on the B&M Monster Invert and to check if the park has gotten worse or better. Is Walygator a failed project that was too ambitious at the beginning? Let’s take a look and try to answer this question!

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Fraispertuis City – Last weekend of the Season – September 2020

So you might have noticed on our European Coaster Kings Instagram channel that at the end of September, we did a small theme park trip. After 3 German parks (Holiday Park, Europa-Park and Tripsdrill), we stopped by at a regional French park which we had heard good things about: Fraispertuis City. If you are unfamiliar with the park, now’s the time to discover why you should pay a visit! Continue reading “Fraispertuis City – Last weekend of the Season – September 2020”

Disneyland Paris Update – Marvel Summer of Heroes – June 17th 2018

Sven: Since the Walt Disney Company took over the resort in Paris, we have seen quite a few changes. One look at the event calendar and you’ll have a hard time planning when to visit. Traditionally, the summer seasons holds a special theme though and this year, something brand new awaits you. What they can’t do in California, they can do in Paris: the Marvel Summer of Heroes! Continue reading “Disneyland Paris Update – Marvel Summer of Heroes – June 17th 2018”

Ride Review: La Machine à Voyager Dans le Temps – Futuroscope

Alex: The video game industry is undoubtedly more popular than ever before. That’s why the success of some video games has been exported into different means of entertainment. Today, we’re going to review a collaboration between Futuroscope and the worldwide famous video game brand Ubisoft, on one of their more popular, and crazy, games. We’re talking about La machine à voyager dans le temps aka The Time Machine that can be found at Futuroscope, France,  hosted by the silly Rabbids! Continue reading “Ride Review: La Machine à Voyager Dans le Temps – Futuroscope”