Nigloland – Krampus Expedition Details

Though we have known about it for some time now, Nigloland finally officially announced its new coaster for 2021: Krampus Expedition ! The park, as well as the local papers, unveiled artwork and picturess of the construction site as of today! Here is a recap of everything Krampus Expedition at Nigloland !

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First let’s start by doing a little summary of what the coaster will be: Krampus Expedition is a Mack Water Coaster with a custom layout specially designed by Mack as requested by the park. Originally, it was supposed to be a Superplash model from Mack similar to Atlantica SuperSplash at Europa Park but with an elevator lift! The park wanted something more special so they designed a custom layout in coordination with Mack. The ride will be 28m tall, 600m long and will have a maximum of 3.5G.

(3D rendered pic of layout, found in the press release of Nigloland , as most of the content in this article)

The coaster will be themed on the popular myth of Krampus, a beast who come to punish children who haven’t been kind at the time of Christmas. The total cost of the project is 12M euros, with 6.5M for the coaster only.  The theming will be on point as the park decided to step-up their theming level. The rockwork will be done by Universal Rocks, the same company who did the rockwork on Taron at Phantasialand and Velocicoaster at Universal’s Island of Adventures.

(Pic of the ungoing rockwork by Canal 32  a local newspaper)

Here are some of the many beautiful pieces of artwork unveiled by the park :


(Artwork of the Colossosesque figure that will take place before the splashdown)

(Design of the trains)

And now some artworks of the theming in the area of the Krampus Expedition:

And now the inside of the queue :

Finally, we some have construction pics published by Canal 32 and BFMtv :

We are very excited to see how this project will turn out and we can’t wait to try this new coaster !

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