What’s New at Futuroscope this 2020 – New Coaster Details!

Alex: The French park Futuroscope is finally getting its first coaster this 2020 season. Check out the details and what’s new this season on this article!

Objectif Mars: the first coaster of the park

Well, technically it’s not the first coaster. RCDB lists Balancier des Fortiches as a coaster but note it’s a butterfly type… So it might be fair to say that, finally, Objectif Mars will be the first proper coaster at the park when it opens on late March!

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With both indoor and outdoor sections, Objectif Mars has a budget of 20 million €, the major investment in the history of the park – the second being a 12 million € flying theater. This Intamin spinning launched coaster is a ride in the style of Futuroscope. The theme chosen is space travels as it’s part of the collective imagination of the future. The guest will be then recruited in a space training center.

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Though the ride time will be 3 minutes long, the whole experience will last up to 30 minutes. The queue will feature interactive displays that have a look into life in space, such as an inverted room or scales that tells your weight on other planets. I love how Futuroscope always tries to add some fun on the queue!

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The ride itself is full of special effects. As it is spoiled on the video below, the indoor section will feature screens resembling the outer space, a lightning area and real fire. Then, a launch will accelerate the train up to 55 km/h and the train will travel through the outdoor area while the cars spin freely.

Futuroscope is focusing from now on on a familiar target and wants to display that there are attractions for every member of the family. That’s why this new coaster focuses on sensations rather than on thrill factor. It kind of reminds me to Pégase Express so I’d be happy if Objectif Mars is just as effective as the coaster at Park Astérix.

© JL Audy

In this years’ spot we can discover new characters known as the Oscope family and probably my favorite ride there: La Machine à Voyager Dans le Temps! You can read a complete review here!

What’s in store for Futuroscope?

Due to the good results in the recent years, Futuroscope is planning some new rides for the upcoming years, as well as a new indoor water park and two themed hotels: one themed around space and the other, nature. A new night show is also planned to replace the actual Cirque du Soleil spectacular. Exciting times are coming to the French park!

A huge thanks to Montse, Amelia and all the team from Futuroscope Spain for having us at their presentation!

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