Disneyland Paris – Frozen Celebration – January 2020

Sven: “Into the Unknooooooooown…” Yes, not “It’s A Small World” will get stuck in your head when you visit Disneyland Paris this time a year. The Frozen Celebration at Disneyland Parc offers a mini season to attract more guests during the low season. In the Walt Disney Studios, there’s also Legends of the Force -Star Wars. Let’s get to it!

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We started our day at the Walt Disney Studios. I’m going to be honest, it’s one of the worst times to visit the park. Studio Tram Tour, Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster, Armageddon are all gone. There’s two restaurants in the whole park and both theaters had no shows. That said, we did enjoy our time at the park. Our first ride of the day: the Flying Carpets of Agrabah! Cause why not!

Ratatouille, the only dark ride of the park (at the moment), ran pretty good. All effects working and most importantly, 0 queue for Single Riders! I might ride the one opening at Epcot soon so hopefully they will have a Single Riders queue too.

Meanwhile, construction continues on the transformation of the Tram Tour to Cars Route 66. I like how Catastrophe Canyon will stay, but it’s a pity that the two Cars rides won’t be connected.

Not only the theme was Frozen, but also my hands! As was Buzz Lighyear’s helmet!

Eventhough the Frozen event is actually in Disneyland Parc, the new Frozen show got installed in the Walt Disney Studios. It’s been a while since I’ve seen queues at the Art of Animation building. Well it’s called Animation Celebration now. The best thing about it? The Sven animatronic! (And not just because it’s one of my favorite characters).

The story is that you are invited by Elsa in the Ice Palace and together with Anna and Kristoff, you prepare a surprise for her. Simple and kids love it, but it’s a one time thing for adults. So if you don’t go often and you don’t have ids, feel free to skip it.

We rode Crush’s Coaster as the Single Rider queue was only 15 minutes (!) and that was about it. Yes, there’s also Tower of Terror, but my company was too scared to ride and I had some good rides on previous visits. My next one will probably be in Orlando though!

Anyway, we changed parks to have a look at what the Celebration was all about. Oh, hey Anna!

The one float parade and show is the only thing added to Disneyland Parc to celebrate the Frozen season. Except some themed cookies. It’s not much, but it’s not that much more than other seasons either. I do like the new float though!

Not sure what I need to think about the dancers though…

The stars however are Kristoff and (once again) Sven! Really like those animatronics!

So no, Frozen is not the reason to visit the resort. The rides are! I mentioned that it was pretty cold, but in return we got some nice winter sun. Like here in Frontierland! The Molly Brown got some refurbishment before reopening on February 8th.

We also saw a glimpse of the parade after returning from a final switch to the Studios. Main Street U.S.A. is definitely one of the best themed areas of the park!

But one of the best themed buildings has to be Space Mountain, at the moment still Hyperspace Mountain!

As it was my final visit before my Infinity pass expires, I wanted to watch Illuminations from the special V.I.P. view for Passholders. It’s really nice to see all the projections on the castle from (almost) first row view. However, it felt less immersive than seeing it a bit further away. Nevertheless, I don’t complain as it’s a benefit for Infinity Passholders that makes it extra worth to buy the pass. Did you see our livestream of the Lion King on Instagram?

And that’s it! Goodbye for a while, DLP! A January weekday is really a perfect day to visit the resort. Yes, you’ll miss out on some rides but most of the big ones were open. I do look forward visiting the resort again when Marvel is ready at the Studios!


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