Iron Gwazi Construction Update – Late January

Alexander: It’s time to check up on (perhaps) the most anticipated 2020 project, Busch Gardens Tampa’s Iron Gwazi (plus bonus Polar Vortex construction at Adventure Island!

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Behold! The last piece of Polar Vortex waiting to be installed!

The park let everyone take pictures with the slide piece!

And here’s where the piece would come to rest just a couple hours later!

A look at some other Adventure Island attractions. This was actually our first time here.

Polar Vortex is a double-sidewinder slide from White Water West.

It features wall-hugging helixes and translucent tube effects, which glow for riders in the sunlight.

Ok, I guess there’s another tiny piece of Polar Vortex hiding around somewhere.

After Adventure Island we headed to Busch Gardens Tampa for a look at the progress on Iron Gwazi!

The entrance, queue, and plaza are all wrapping up some amazing cosmetic and infrastructural enhancements.

Trackwork is almost finished as well!

We just can’t get enough of that purple.

Speaking of which, Iron Gwazi boasts an amazingly decadent color pallete.

Crocodile-pattern painting over the inlet to Iron Gwazi‘s lockers and standby queue boasts a spectrum of greens and blues.

Landscaping is underway around some of the new queue situated in front of the station.

Inside, tons of changes have been made. Guests in standby will queue for their preferred row directly on top of where Gwazi’s Lion station once was.

Guests use the form Lion queue for standby, and the former Tiger queue for QuickQueue. The QuickQueue line then threads guests up and over the track to the boarding side of the station.

A new exit has been built opposite of the loading platform, and the former exit is slated for ADA access. The ride’s 3 dedicated points of entry should make for a very smooth queuing process, and guests exiting are led right to the locker area.

Won’t be long now before Iron Gwazi makes its first roars!

That wraps up our update! Thanks Busch Gardens Tampa Bay and Adventure Island for having us! Always a joy to talk coasters and listen in on your creative process for producing industry-leading attractions!

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