SeaWorld Orlando Update – Orca Encounter, Ice Breaker and more!

Sean: It’s the launch month of the brand new Orca Encounter at SeaWorld Orlando, replacing One Ocean. The park is also constructing their brand new roller coaster, Ice Breaker, and Aquatica’s new water slide. This, and some more roller coaster can be found in today’s update!

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Orca Encounter

We’ll start our update with the brand new Orca Encounter! The show replaced One Ocean as SeaWorld moves away from theatrical shows. The stadium remains the same as One Ocean, which may raise questions as SeaWorld San Diego’s Orca Encounter came with a naturalistic overhaul of the stadium.

We’re happy to report that SeaWorld Orlando’s Orca Encounter found the perfect balance of just the right amount of education and care for the animals, and a touch of theatrical excitement.

From moving music and exciting ‘edutainment’ the great detail on how the park cares for their pod and what behaviors from the wild are repeated at the parks. We overall were very impressed.

Orca Encounter is less exhausting, much more captivating, and very exciting. I look forward to seeing the show again and again, and I think SeaWorld Orlando got the Orca Encounter that works for them and their audience. Kudos!

Ice Breaker

Also new for 2020 is the park’s new Ice Breaker roller coaster. The 93 feet tall coaster has been partially constructed already and looks gorgeous!

The back spike is at a 100 degree angle and will make for the steepest drop in Florida. The spike can be seen from the rest of the park and surrounding areas.

The top hat itself looks particularly snappy and exciting. The return to the station passes under the top hat and looks great as well!

Here’s a closer look at Ice Breaker‘s back spike:

For those who were confused on how exactly Ice Breaker was going to fit, imagine the ride jumping over the midway to another ride-plot behind the Bayside Stadium. The coaster’s twisty-layout continues and turns around there. The footers can be seen in the following image:

We’re very excited to see how the quadruple launch coaster turns out, so far we’re a big fan of the location and looks!

Aquatica and More

Aquatica is also opening up a new attraction this year! A large Pro-Slide racing water raft slide is opening near Ray Rush this year, parts of which are already in the parking lot (hard to see, but if you look closely at the center of the image you’ll notice the slide pieces):

We also had a blast taking some pictures of Kraken and Mako today! The duo both ran 2 trains with fast dispatches, making for some fun shots!

It also turned out to be one of the nicest days of the year. Just the right temperature, sun, and a lack of humidity!

Airtime or inversions?

We’re excited to see SeaWorld Orlando turn more into a coaster destination. They have a great line-up!

And with this panorama we’ll wrap up the report!

Thank you so much for checking out this new SeaWorld Orlando Update! We launched a couple of new articles the past few days including a new Coaster Kings Radio podcast episode, check it out:

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