Phantasialand Update – Final day of the season – January 2020

Sven: Recently we joined many guests to have a final day of Phantasialand before the end of the season. Wintertraum is an absolute hit for the park and yes, you can even ride Chiapas. How did you close the European theme park season?

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Thanks to our Efteling annual pass, we got free entrance to the park! Know that you can have acces twice: once in the 2019 season and once in the 2020 season. And man, we were not the only ones to visit the park. Many guests had scored tickets and now it was the final day to use them. Luckily, we know how to handle crowds at the park. And guess what, it felt like Christmas again!
We started in Wuze Town with the two Winjas. First time we waited 10 minutes, the second time 20 minutes. By noon, the queue was at 100 minutes each. As I’m not a big VR fan, we didn’t do Crazy Bats cause that queue was the highest all day long too. If you really want to ride it though, I suggest riding it first thing in the morning. Wuze Town itself still had plenty of winter/Christmas decorations and they add real snow daily!

Also here is one of the entrances to Rookburgh. What we last saw as big construction walls going up, is completely finished. A rather small entrance on this side, yet Phantasialand is of course limited with its space.

In the Berlin area, we saw some Rookburgh too, but no longer any track. Everyone really hopes for an opening this year. Honestly, it would be weird if it is not the case as they are distributing promo newspapers and it’s mentioned on the map.

One of the best reasons to visit the park: Taron. Even in winter, you can enjoy this world class coaster. The queue time was up all morning but we were sure it would go down in the afternoon.

We finally lunched at Rutmor’s Tavern, a place where I wanted to go for a while now. Perfect in winter as the menu warms you up nicely. As you may have read already, it’s rather small so best to queue up before opening time to ensure a spot.

For kids, there’s also some extra snow rides near the entrance of Colorado. Well, not only kids but we preferred to do other rides.

Christmas in Africa? Sure thing! Black Mamba also ran wonderful and the decorations are simple but effective.

Back in Klugheim, we queued up for Taron and I was right. In less than an hour, we got to ride the beast again. What I hadn’t seen before is the new decorations in the overflow queue. “Dobby” like creatures hang around and seemed to be turned into stone. It’s a bit sad really, but it adds the extra touch of story to the area.

Riding Taron then, it ran pretty good. Chilling wind didn’t stop us!

The best thing however about Wintertaum, is when the night falls. A lovely atmosphere and a night ride on Talocan for example really packs a punch!

Plus in China, the decorations create the atmosphere you’re looking for.

So even on this busy final day of the season, we enjoyed the park a lot! The only ride closed is River Quest so you definitely should consider visiting the park in January. Especially in the week, as there will be no crowds!


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