SHOP – 5 New Global Coasters + Bonus Design

It’s the third week of our Coasters and Landmarks Line and we’re expanding with five international coaster-inspired designs. This week’s Global Coasters set is accompanied by a bonus design for our Crown Line. All designs are now available at 20% off until November 1st, we’re taking a closer look below:

Bird of Fire

Inspired by one of the best coasters in the Netherlands, this Wing Coaster’s unique layout and integration can’t be missed. We wanted to capture the coaster’s back story while also bringing the most spectacular vanish point of the ride to life. This design’s warm colors work incredibly well with black backgrounds!

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Mine Shaft

This highly detailed B&M Dive Coaster is a modern staple at this world-famous Dutch fairytale theme park. Perfectly fitting in with the surrounding architecture, this thrilling ride also features fantastic story telling. The night-inspired dark green design looks great with a variety of backgrounds and, as our first green design, can’t be missed.

For all Mine Shaft pieces, click here.

Viking Looper

A legendary classic looper that was once this country’s most famous coaster is brought to life in this design. The ride’s name refers to a “Taste of Danger” and tells the story of Vikings that know no fear. This French coaster was installed by Vekoma in 1989 and provided a nice upgrade of elements compared to the Mega Loopers found in the US at that time. This daring design focuses heavily on the ride’s detailed track, and while best portrayed with dark backgrounds, works with a variety of colors to create fun merchandise.

For all Viking Looper pieces, click here.


One of our absolute favorite coaster models in the world is this 200 ft. tall Giant Inverted Boomerang. This Vekoma coaster is a terrific high-thrill experience that is unlike any other coaster. The iconic vertical towers join the ride’s massive inversions in this new design. Using a combination of blue and green, to pay homage to the color schemes of the first few installations, this design is presented in a wide variety of color options for endless possibilities.

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Videogame Bike

This design is a tad different from the rest of our designs this week! The “Videogame Bike” name started as a joke, but the ride itself we take very seriously. We consider this iconic coaster to be the mascot for the website and is truly our favorite coaster experience in the world. This design pays respects to the location of this thrilling launch coaster in Shanghai, by bringing Mandarin characters to the gravity defying superstructure. This design’s heavy focus on colors found around the attraction is best enjoyed with mostly dark backgrounds.

For all Videogame Bike pieces, click here.


Coaster Kings on the Grid

This expansion of the previously-released Crown Line is a bonus design to celebrate Halloween this weekend. There’s no better costume for us than anything related to the TRON franchise, and thus this design really captures who we are as a brand and enthusiasts. This clean design has a wonderful color palette and is available with a select few backgrounds that really makes the design pop! Enjoy!

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