No Halloween but Music Concerts at Walibi Belgium: Walibi On Stage!

Due to the current circumstances, Walibi Belgium decided to organize a different kind of event at the end of their season. As the music industry struggles, Walibi helps out by organizing “Walibi On Stage”: 8 days of music with more than 150 artists, including Eurovision contestants Loic Nottet and Blanche!

UPDATE: Due to the recent number of increased Covid-19 cases in Belgium, the event got unfortunately cancelled. Please follow the rules and stay safe!

Because of the current measures in Belgium, lots of music concerts got cancelled. Next to that, organizing a full-on regular Halloween event could not be done due to the current measures in place. Walibi found a brand new way to entertain guests in just 2 months time before Halloween. From October 31st till November 6th, Walibi host concerts from more than 150 artists of several genres such as Pop, Hip Hop, Rock, Heavy Metal and more. Next to that, there will be dj-sets, street musicians, concerts for kids and kids entertainment. The main line-up includes artists such as Blanche, Loic Nottet, Alice on the Roof, The Magician, STAKE, The Subs, Tourist MC and many more.

Basically everyone will have something to listen to. On top of that, you might be able to perform yourself!  Alexis Nuyt, Marketing Director of Walibi Belgium explains: “We also organize an online competition! Anyone can participate and has a chance to perform on stage during “Walibi On Stage“!”

Park Director Jean-Christophe Parent emphasis also on the symbolic value of the event. “Walibi was badly hit due the consequences of the pandemic. Yet, we found it important to show solidarity during our whole season with others who suffered too. For example, in June we did a donation to Consortium 1212, an organization which offers worldwide financial support to victims of the coronavirus. With “Walibi On Stage“, we wish to support the Belgian culture and event sector, which still faces hard pushbacks.”

Obviously, the concerts will be completely in line with the measures from the government, also thanks to a cooperation with specialized Belgian partners. More than 1,000 people participate in the organization of the event. Concerts on the three mainstages will cost an additional 5 till 10 euro, depending on the performance. All other concerts and entertainment are included in the regular ticket price. The full line-up can be found on the main website.

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