Halloween Sneak Peek at Bellewaerde Park!

When your home park invites you to come and see what they have in store for Halloween, then we can’t say no! The cozy and adorable Bellewaerde Park in Belgium has got everything ready to celebrate Halloween from October 10th until November 8th! A coronaproof event for the family you’d want to see!

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Like many parks, Halloween remains quite an important period for Bellewaerde Park. That’s why they decorated the park with skeletons, hundreds and pumpkins and more! Read along for a sneak peek on what to expect!

Park Director, Stefaan Lemey, told us more about how they decided not to have a traditional Halloween this year. To ensure that the event remains coronaproof, no scare mazes will be offered. Instead, the traditional Halloween decorations will be accompanied by a quest for kids where they need to gather stamps to get a special prize at the end of the day.

Right before the speech, we saw these parts of the oldest coasters in Belgium passing by! Would he also announce the end of the almost 40 year old Zierer Tivoli??

Luckily, that was not the case! All around the park, they installed TikTok friendly spots for guests to make their own video. One of these features a giant spider and the caught lady bugs!

Another ride that might be missing a boat is the Jungle Mission as some skeletons took one for a little adventure of their own!

They also try to help out by catching corona so that everyone can enjoy a carefree day!

What they did add are several meet ‘n’ greets with popular characters for the park. At the end of the walkway bridge on the lake, you can meet the park mascot King Lion in his Halloween costume!

While passing by here, I couldn’t help but notice that one of the birds at the park has a pretty interesting name. Can you spot which one?

By the way, the bridge is an excellent viewing point on the new coaster for 2020: Wakala! Just look at that spike!

Meanwhile in the Canada area, two rides got a special Halloween overlay. The Screaming Eagle S&S Shot ‘n’ Drop Tower has a special smoke program.

And the Spillwater, Niagara, has an enclosed boat as usual with a pirate theme.

We got lucky with the sun shining bright during our tour and man, do I love this park. Especially due to its green atmosphere, it really gives you a relaxing vibe.

You’ll also find a small village in the wood where you can meet the witch and have a free picture sent to you. If you dare to pose with her of course. Just make sure to park your broom correctly. 

Love this couple btw!

In the Kids Park, it’s all about candy and the naughty Monster Trolls who always have been quite popular.

Also the water park will feature some Halloween elements such as skeletons, laser shows and a mermaid will be swimming by from time to time in the lazy river in a special Halloween costume.

Oh and did I mention the 850 kg (1874 pounds) pumpkin at the entrance?

Bellewaerde Park might not be the most frightening this Halloween, it will definitely offer a great day out during these difficult times. So don’t hesitate and go enjoy the atmosphere!

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