West Coast Racers Construction Update – Six Flags Magic Mountain – July 19th, 2019

Preston: After a few weeks away from Magic Mountain, we finally made it back! Earlier today, Derrion and I were lucky enough to attend a media tour of the construction of West Coast Racers. In this update, we are covering everything that has to do with the new coaster, along with the new area. We also have information regarding the park’s only true wooden roller coaster, Apocalypse. Stay tuned!

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Let’s head on in!

When you enter The Underground (the new area), West Coast Racers will be immediately featured. Riders will be experiencing the new coaster right above you!

This whole area is an INCREDIBLY ACTIVE construction zone. When we were on the tour, we had to wear hard hats because people were working right above our heads!

Let’s start with the first (and third) launch track. The station and queue area has yet to be built. Because of this, they obviously haven’t put in those connecting pieces for both sides that will make one of the cars switch track colors and the other return to the station.

It should be noted that there will be a ride exit gift shop for WCR.

Here’s that stunning high five-element from a distance.

Aaaaaaand close up! 🙂

Launch fins are in place for that section of track JUST before the high five.

Let’s head over to the spaghetti bowl portion of the ride. LOOK at this absolute mess of steel!

Some supports haven’t even gone up yet. Just the foundation here.

Neal Thurman, Park President of Magic Mountain, said that track/support work for the new ride is about 70% complete. As you can see in this photo, there still is a large load to do.

This ride obviously focuses on low to the ground maneuvers. Lots of banked turns around one another.

More supports with no track (yet).

Here’s the second and fourth launch.

Moving on to the land itself. The Underground will have many food locations, along with some other fun stuff, including one thing that Six Flags members will especially love! First up: a chicken restaurant, which will be going into this now-vacant building.

Something that I’m sure a lot of you will be excited about is that the fan-favorite candy shop WILL be returning to The Underground! This time, with a BRAND NEW look. They truly are starting from scratch with this one. Here’s a look inside!

To the left of the candy store, an LA-style street taco eatery will open! This is what I am most excited about. 🙂 🙂 🙂

A brand new restroom building will be placed to the left of the tacos. As some of you may remember, Six Flags used to have a restroom building right nearby the Apocalypse entrance. However, instead of just remodeling the current restrooms, they opted to knock down the building and start fresh.

On the other side of the Apocalypse entrance, the old “Epic Rides” building is being transformed into a Six Flags Member’s only lounge! The lounge will feature drink refilling stations, phone chargers, along with plush seating.

Kickin’ Boneless Wings is going to be turned into a Six Flags drink bottle refill station.

On the opposite side of The Underground, West Coast Racers is going to bring new life to Cyclone 500, the go-cart ride at the park.

The go-cart track now weaves around coaster supports. You will get one of the most unique views of West Coast Racers from Cyclone 500!

Lastly, let’s talk about Apocalypse. Apocalypse’s retrack is done. The entertainment team is working on a few things that will be added to the queue.

We received official word today that Apocalypse, along with The Underground, will open BEFORE West Coast Racers opens. This means that as expected, WCR will be the last thing to open with the new land. Land first (including Apocalypse), then West Coast Racers.

Let’s end this huge update off with an incredible shot of West Coast Racers.

Thank you for staying all the way to the end of this long West Coast Racers update. Derrion and I, along with the entire Coaster Kings team, would like to thank Six Flags for inviting us to this media construction tour! Stay tuned for more updates in the future and check out our video footage below!

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