California’s Great America Opening Day 2015

DSC_0048 - Copy (Large)We were so excited to be present at California’s Great America for the opening day of their 40th season! Although it may not have been the perfect start to the season, we still had a lot of fun, and we are very happy to have this park back open! Please keep in mind there may be some mild complaints throughout this article. They are not meant with malicious intent, but rather honesty. Nonetheless, we had a fantastic day.  Continue reading “California’s Great America Opening Day 2015”

Universal Studios Hollywood Update – March 25th 2015

20150325_161844 (Large)Jurassic Park the Ride has finally reopened from its refurbishment, and we have an in-depth overview. Additionally in this update, we have a crazy amount of other Universal Studios Hollywood things to discuss, such as the walls of Springfield coming down, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter construction, the Furious 7 promotion, Studio Tour construction, and more!  Continue reading “Universal Studios Hollywood Update – March 25th 2015”

The 5 Best Inversions in California

20140618_140341 (Large)Let’s take a look at a part of coasters we all seem to love. Inversions. California has a total of 72 inversions. Half of which are all found at Six Flags Magic Mountain, that with the world’s largest collection of coasters, has 18 coasters and 36 inversions. This doesn’t mean the best ones are all at Six Flags Magic Mountain! Take a look at the 5 best inversion in California, and you’ll know which one to ride next!  Continue reading “The 5 Best Inversions in California”

5 Disneyland Facts You May Not Know!

20140603_094720 (Large)Disneyland. Claimed to be the ‘Happiest Place On Earth’. Every child wants to go there, and pretty much any adult in the state of California has been there. Many even grew up with it. Disneyland. The theme-park that set the standards for modern-day amusement parks, and is arguably the world’s most famous theme-park. Now what do people not know about Disneyland … Here are 5 Disneyland facts you may not know! Continue reading “5 Disneyland Facts You May Not Know!”

Universal Studios Hollywood Update – March 14th 2015

20150314_123027 (Large)For weeks it was known that Jurassic Park was to reopen on the 14th of March, after a big refurbishment! So we didn’t want to miss out, and headed over. Then things didn’t go as planned, and many angry guests later, Universal Studios still didn’t manage to resolve the issues in time. Nonetheless we’ve got a wonderfully diverse update for you!  Continue reading “Universal Studios Hollywood Update – March 14th 2015”

Six Flags Magic Mountain 2015 Park Map

The Six Flags Magic Mountain 2015 Map has arrived!  Take a look! SFMM2015p1 SFMM2015p2

Twisted Colossus is surprisingly listed as a ‘Moderate Thrill’. I definitely believe that it will be a bit more intense than that, but perhaps this is to attract a larger audience. Scream will not change its name, and will be opening again as Scream, it seems. Which would make sense for a themed area that’s called ‘Screampunk District’. The park-map also isn’t updated to Scream’s new color scheme. The new restaurant, Twisted ‘Wiches Street Deli is on the map, and will not have Dining Pass options for the 2015 Season. The Magic Moments Theater is renamed the ‘Gearwork Theater’. (Which sounds way better than ‘The Looking-glass Theater’). Also, the new ‘Walk-Around Characters can be found in the new Screampunk District! As far as Flashpass goes, you may notice that there isn’t a Flashpass logo next to Twisted Colossus. Which indicates that it’ll likely have an up-charged Flashpass, like X2, Full Throttle, and apparently Superman: Escape From Krypton.

Click to download the 2015 Map; Six Flags Magic Mountain 2015

For our most recent Twisted Colossus and Scream Update, click here! And make sure to leave a comment on here as to what you think of the 2015 Map!