Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Update – March 15th 2015

DSC_0504 (Large)This Update will be a short one, but let’s check in with the happenings at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk! There were some pretty decent crowds due to the cheer-leading competition held directly adjacent to the park, so it made for a very interesting trip.

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First off, Skyglider has finally reopened! We absolutely love this ride. The very long but tight layout of the park makes it very practical for transportation, not to mention the awesome views it provides of the surrounding area and beach.DSC_0462 (Large)

It can also give some sweet views of some of the coasters and such, like this cool shot of Undertow.DSC_0488 (Large)

Here’s a picture of all the supposedly closed attractions for the day, although it’s not entirely accurate.DSC_0470 (Large)

Fireball is unfortunately closed like the sign says. That’s really too bad, this is another favorite of ours. Being one of the park’s only major thrill rides, the park lacks a certain punch without it.DSC_0484 (Large)

Logger’s Revenge is closed, as it has been since January. Since it is, arguably, the star attraction of its area, it also strips a certain energy away when not operating.DSC_0476 (Large)

Rock -O-Planes has also remained closed since January just like LR. All of its “cages” have been refurbished and are looking fresh aside from one, which is still detached from the wheel, presumably being refurbished as well.DSC_0478 (Large)

Crazy Surf was also closed as indicated by the sign.

Cyclone was also listed as being closed as seen above, but lets see if you can guess how accurate that was from the following picture. Answer: Not very accurate.DSC_0480 (Large)

Moving onto to the coasters. Sea Serpent, the family coaster was actually drawing quite the line in the crowded atmosphere, especially among the younger cheer-leading groups in attendance.DSC_0479 (Large)

Cave Train also had a line that was probably approaching 30 mins, very unusual for this ride. In fact, the whole area of the park that contains these rides was pretty packed with younger crowds of the park.

Giant Dipper began the day running only the blue train, and then later added the red train due to the huge crowds.This is actually a pretty common practice for the Giant Dipper.DSC_0188.JPG (Large)

Undertow was running its usual four trains with quick dispatches.

We’ve got a slight complaint here. Undertow reasonably has a policy that does not allow loose articles on the ride platform, meaning a locker must be purchased to store them if you want to ride. These lockers however can only be purchased by credit card. This means anyone with loose articles who wants to ride has to leave their things out in the open with risk of them being stolen, may they not have credit cards with them. For a seaside park with plenty of teens jumping around, a cash option should almost be mandatory.DSC_0491 (Large)

You may think this would barely apply to anyone, but you would be wrong. As you can see many bags and backpacks are left out in the open ironically under this sign.DSC_0503 (Large)

Towards the end of the day, the crowds really started to make things difficult. Mainly due to the cheer-leading competition. DSC_0496 (Large) DSC_0497 (Large)

Double Shot had to set up some temporary switchbacks due to crowds. Haunted Castle soon followed suit.DSC_0469 (Large)DSC_0498 (Large)

When we left at around six o’clock the park was still a zoo, and we’re not talking about Discovery Kingdom. The Boardwalk can certainly draw big crowds and today happened to be one of those days. Nonetheless, it was still a great trip as always.

Make sure to leave your thoughts on this park below. In addition, how do you feel about parks holding large events such as this one? Comment below, let us know!

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