Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – March 15th 2015

20150315_140405 (Large)It’s off-season, and Six Flags Magic Mountain is undergoing some changes. In this update we’ll be looking at some repaints, rides that are reopening, and many other changes around the park. In addition, we have an operations schedule included, showing what rides will be operating one train for the next few weeks!

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The park is doing something to their bus-stops, as the two near the front gate, and the first stop on the parking lot are taped off. I yet have to find out what’s actually the reason behind it. 20150315_133304 (Large)At the ticket booths, every building has wheel-chair accessible windows now. The park added ramps to one side of most booths.20150315_141908 (Large) It’s kind of hard to see, but the Temple Rapids tower at Hurricane Harbor is receiving a serious refurbishment. 20150315_141950 (Large) Oh, and notice in this picture, the booth all the way to the right was in use today. Of all the times that I’ve been to Six Flags Magic Mountain, this is the first time I’ve seen it being used. I was stunned almost. 20150315_141958 (Large) The plaza inside the security check-point, where the gates to Hurricane Harbor and Magic Mountain are located, has received wood-chips (rather large ones) for their tree footers/benches. 20150315_133929 (Large) Getting inside the park, the green cup has gone on sale too! The Green Bottle is $19.99 per bottle, and includes free refills all year long. Rather than just the day of purchase, with $0.99 refills after that. It’s clever, and a very good deal. Especially when realizing drinks in the park are about $4-$5. 20150315_134116 (Large) The Flash Pass building has been repainted and received a new name. This happened about 2 weeks ago, and I have older pictures, I just never got to posting another Six Flags Magic Mountain Update. So here’s a picture from today! The building is now called The FLASH Pass Headquarters. 20150315_134203 (Large) Roaring Rapids was supposed to reopen yesterday, March 14th. But just like Jurassic Park… that didn’t happen. Expect it to open up later this month! 20150315_141143 (Large) Tidal Wave on the other hand did open yesterday! 20150315_140154 (Large) Though it’s only running one boat. Which always surprises me. For those who are frequent visitors to Six Flags Magic Mountain, the Tidal Wave boats are literally everywhere, I’ve seen at least 10 laying around. I’m always surprised when they only have one operating. 20150315_140401 (Large) It makes a pretty big splash… just to the sides, so riders don’t get that wet! 😀 Stand on the bridge, to the sides, and you’ll get absolutely soaked! 20150315_140405 (Large) And very exciting, the fire was actually working today, on X2. Saw it multiple times. But… I didn’t take a picture, so instead I browsed through my PC, and decided to provide you an artsy, summer-like, nature filled… X2 picture. 20140618_143630 (Large)Let’s move to Riddler’s Revenge, which was operating two trains today. Though it will run one train for some period this month. 20150315_140112 (Large)

Having said that, these rides will only be operating one train for some period this month, related to refurbishment/maintenance:

  • Ninja
  • Superman: Escape from Krypton
  • Batman: The Ride
  • Riddler’s Revenge
  • Apocalypse

And here’s Twisted Colossus, looking very nice! We have our Twisted Colossus Update from today, which has been posted earlier today.   20150315_133130 (Large)

Click here to check out today’s Twisted Colossus Update! I went to Universal Studios Hollywood yesterday, the update for that can be found here, check it out!

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2 Replies to “Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – March 15th 2015”

  1. Man, it seems like Apocalypse is always down to one train. It doesn’t get the love it deserves anymore

    1. At least it gets the lines it deserves :D. It ran two trains for almost a year. (Besides a few weeks spread throughout the season). Apocalypse is almost always running one train from about January through March, since both trains are being refurbished, one at a time, in the same period.

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