Worldwide Walt Disney Attractions Top 20

And so ends “CCK’s World Wide Walt Disney Attractions Top 20”. The U.S. Disney parks have a lot to be proud of, but Paris and the Asian parks can certainly hold their own. As it stands, this list takes every currently-operating Disney ride into account, but before too long the list will be obsolete with all of Disney’s numerous, amazing attractions on the way. Pandora will offer some world-class thrills this spring at Animal Kingdom, likewise will Star Wars Land in 2019 at Disneyland and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The aforementioned heavy-duty Hyperspace Mountain will also bring a force-full (haha. Get it? Star Wars humor. Bam) experience to Disneyland Paris, but the future super powers of Asia are looking like Baymax, Anna, Elsa, Moana, Tony Stark, and Belle (the Beauty and the Beast LPS trackless dark ride for Tokyo Disney already looks like the greatest thing ever).

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Where do your favorites fall on this list? Is there something we missed? Weigh in on the Top 20 Disney discussion and tell us what your Disney must-rides are!

Thanks to Thrillography for collaborating with us to launch this list! All pictures found in the article, unless specified, were provided by Thrillography.

UPDATE: check out Alexander’s new CCK page (and continuation of Thrillography), Cabin Crew Coaster Kings!

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