Sea World Orlando – Electric Ocean Trip Report

Alexander: We had a few hours to kill in the evening, so what better way to spend them than at SeaWorld Orlando’s Electric Ocean?

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Before partaking in the evening’s Electric Ocean shows, Sean and I enjoyed some dusk rides on our SeaWorld favorites!

Who can resist a front-row walk-on ride on Kraken?

Journey to Atlantis, Kraken, and Mako were all giving top-notch rides. We imagine Manta was as well, though we don’t ride it often. 

Atlantis is our guilty pleasure – the ride could use a major aesthetic overhaul, but we love it anyway.

Shamu’s Celebration: Light Up The Night is the Electric Ocean nighttime orca show.

At only 15 minutes long, the show is an easy one to budget time for. Content wise, I’d rank it just above One Ocean for its light displays and ramped-up orca behaviors.

We noticed that the entrance to Wild Arctic has been commandeered by midway games.

Lots of changes are coming to this side of SeaWorld – we can expect vertical construction to begin on the 2020 project any day now.

Electric Ocean’s nightly finale consists of the Club Sea Glow dance party and nighttime show Ignite.

SeaWorld has been having a lot of issues with Ignite – we only got a fraction of what the show was technically capable of. Hopefully they can get the show to run more consistently, because it’s regarded as one of the best nighttime shows in the industry when working correctly.

That’s all for now! See you next time, SeaWorld! We have lots of new coverage available for you to explore, check it out:


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