Magically Quiet: WDW’s Magic Kingdom – August 2020

Alexander: Our long-awaited  return to Disney was one for the books, with crowds well below anything we’ve seen at WDW. Here’s to our first Magic Kingdom update in a while.

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It was a bit hazy earlier in the day, which made for some soft and fuzzy castle shots. 

We’re big fans of new castle colors. Dark, rich hues age much better in this climate. 

We decided to hit up Splash Mountain first, since it gets the longest afternoon queues these days. 

While we arrived at the park right at open, we were still unprepared for the overwhelming lack of crowds. Not having thousands and thousands of people around makes Magic Kingdom feel huge.

We walked right on to Splash and Big Thunder.  Before even entering the queue for Splash Mountain, the cast member up front made repeated announcements that there would be no guarantee any merchandise was left at the exit store by the time you’d get off the ride. Turns out they got their first big shipment of merchandise in a few weeks!

We’re excited to see more details on Splash‘s “Princess and the Frog” retheme!

We took some time to enjoy attractions we don’t often visit – Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse, Peter Pan, Winnie The Pooh, Astro Orbiter, and more.

Treehouse gave us some great views of our obsession, Tron.

Wont’ be long now!

We decided to hit up Tomorrowland Speedway to get a closer look at TRON.

I drove while Sean took pictures!

It’s soooooo beautiful.

Canopy work could resume any day now!

I’d forgotten how nice the cars for Speedway look. The last time I actually rode this, it was at Tokyo Disneyland!

We had glorious rides on Space Mountain – 15 min waits, each!

We also enjoyed some quality Haunted Mansion time.

Hot take: Magic Kingdom has the superior Haunted Mansion in the US (the best in the world is in Paris, of course).

That about wraps up our coverage! We enjoyed a lot of rides and a great lunch at Skipper Canteen (which features an unparalleled variety of vegetarian and vegan options), and then headed home at around 6pm amid the evening drizzle. A fabulous day for sure!

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