August WDW: Your Own Personal EPCOT

For the most part, things are quiet over WDW all things considered. EPCOT was no exception, with its 500 acres comfortably swallowing up modest crowds. As far as comfort and peacefulness goes, there may have never been a better time to go!

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But first a DHS detour. Look at the morning rush for Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster!

We love Hollywood Studios, but it’s our least favorite park in the pandemic era. It’s not a great place to be unless you’re actively riding something or eating somewhere; lingering is tough with a general lack of shade or calm surroundings.

Ok! So, if you’re an Annual Passholder, we feel that EPCOT right now is nothing short of paradise. Everywhere is serene and pretty easy on the eyes, even as the park slowly navigates its way to a fresh start.

EPCOT crowds are no match for the attraction lineup, even at 30-50% capacity. If you’ve ever just wanted to session some of the quieter attractions around Future World, now’s your chance. 

World Showcase is a “Childless Millennial” paradise, with virtually no distractions from food and drink other than one’s own budget.

Ratatouille is probably not opening any time soon despite the project nearing completion, but it’ll be a useful pawn for later pushes for attendance. 


We enjoyed a spectacular brunch at Spice Road Table in Morocco – our first time dining there. We ordered every appetizer on the menu and pigged out tapas-style. 10/10 would recommend everything, especially the hummus “fries” and the pomegranate mimosa.

For a majority of our meal, we had no-one within view or earshot except for the restaurant’s wonderful staff of Moroccan natives.

We can’t go to the German Pavilion without enjoying some Schöfferhofer Grapefruit Beer on tap.

And take goofy shots with Spaceship Earth while blitzed.

A caravan of Princesses are on parade for everyone to enjoy from a safe distance.

In the Japan Pavilion, Sean and I sampled sake and plum wine while enjoying the serenity of the traditional rock garden. 

I cannot stress enough how under-attended the park felt. While this is obviously the symptom of the problems we face in this day and age, we may as well enjoy the silver linings as they come. 

Never was there a day more peaceful at the global theme park epicenter.

Lightning and clouds set the stage for some great photos.

You can never have too much Spaceship Earth glowing in the evening sun.

I was still sobering up at this point. 

A lot of these shots came about while hoping/waiting to get lucky with a bolt of lightning. 

Sure enough, we were successful!

The storm was so dramatic that a particularly potent bolt suspended operations for Rise of the Resistance for an entire day. So despite scoring boarding group number 6 the next morning, we never actually got to ride.

Winding things down now. Can’t get enough of those dramatic roofing styles.

Gran Fiesta Tour and Frozen Ever After remain pleasant diversions on the World Showcase, but our favorite is still Reflections of China. 

You can get your fix on any EPCOT ride without any prior arrangement and without having to wait in a crazy line. Feels like my childhood trips to Disneyland.

That concludes our EPCOT coverage for now! We’ll be back to bask in this glorious lack of crowds again soon.

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