Construction at Winter Efteling

We paid an ice cold visit to the most popular park in the Netherlands: Efteling. Even in the cold, construction workers continued on the new Joris & De Draak. Meanwhile, we spotted the remaining parts of Spookslot for the new Danse Macabre ride. Finally, another major construction going on right at the entrance for the Grand Efteling Hotel. Let’s Baron 1898 dive into it!

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The next theme park season in Spain (starting in February 2023) will probably be the best of the last decade in terms of new additions to the parks. In fact, the two major theme parks in Spain (PortAventura and Parque Warner) will both be adding to its coaster collection two rides that have the potential to become the best of the country and even some of the best in Europe. Having said that, let’s dive in all we know about this two new Spanish roller coasters that will be opening in the upcoming months.


Some Changes Coming to Coaster Kings

Hello all! First and foremost, we would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of our readers who have been with us throughout the many years we’ve been sharing our love, passion, and critique of amusement parks and roller coasters online. This is not a farewell, so don’t worry! As a result of personal changes in our life, we have chosen to modify Coaster Kings’ operations.

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Pützchens Markt 2022- Trying out one of Germany’s largest funfairs

Germany is really well known for it’s overwhelming and magnificent funfairs- including the world famous Oktoberfest- the biggest funfair in the world. The country is also home to some of the largest travelling rides in the world. In September I headed to one of the biggest fairs in the west of Germany – Pützchens Markt – and I thought that it would be exciting to share my experience.

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Twenty-Year Top 20: The Best Coasters of 2002

It’s that time of year again! Welcome to our 4th Annual “Twenty-Year Top 20”, where we rank the top coasters that turn 20 years old this year! 2002 was an extremely strong year, with the “Coaster Wars” at their peak – our favorite coasters in several countries, respectively, made their debut twenty years ago. Let’s get started!

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Why we love Parque Warner Madrid so much.

As a child, I frequented Warner Bros. Movie World Germany, now known as Movie Park Germany, and it left a lasting impression on me. Six years after the opening of the German park, Six Flags and Warner Bros. continued their partnership with the opening of a new park in Madrid. This park has since been on my radar, also due to the fact that it’s home to a Vekoma Giant Inverted Boomerang.

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Ferrari Land: An Honest Review

When Port Aventura debuted in 1995, the park’s focus on natural and historic beauty earned it a reputation as one of the top parks in the world. Twenty years and several management changes later, the resort was poised to bring a second gate online; the theme – of all things – an automobile company. Conceptually shallow and profoundly indulgent, Ferrari Land gave PortAventura fans whiplash from the day it was announced – but was it really as bad as it seemed?

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New Inversions and Airtime Moments – Parque Warner Madrid Batman Intamin Coaster Construction Update – September 22, 2022.

A few weeks have passed since we visited Parque Warner Madrid and provided an update on the 2023 debut of the brand-new Intamin Batman roller coaster. This enormous, VelociCoaster-sized undertaking will include numerous unique elements, inversions, airtime moments, and launches, among others. Since our last update a few weeks ago, a great deal has happened. This update will include new inversions, airtime hills, drops, and more!

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Horrorland: “Dignity is something we try to give to terror”

Halloween is just around the corner, and parks are preparing for the new season. The Spanish scream park Horrorland, awarded “Best Scream Park Event in Europe” by ScareCon Scare Awards, is hosting auditions to find new people to incarnate into the monsters that will inhabit their haunted houses.

This week, we visited the park to check the auditions for their fourth season and chat with directors David and Cristina about the pandemic, their creative process, the scare attractions industry and more!

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A Closer Look at Parque Warner Madrid’s Batman Intamin Coaster + Construction Update – September 7, 2022

A few days ago, we traveled to Parque Warner Madrid and delivered a brand-new construction update on their new roller coaster. A few days later, we returned to take a closer look at the layout, station, construction, and more!

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Fantasiana- A World of Magic Awaits

Fantasiana is one of Austria’s leading theme parks including a whole variety of dark rides, a stunningly themed log flume and 2 family rollercoasters. The park is Austria’s second most well known theme park and is located only 30 minutes away from Salzburg- which makes it perfect to combine with a city break in one of Austria’s most famous and historical cities. Thanks very much to Fantasiana for letting us visit and let’s have a virtual explore through this park together!

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