Adventure Trail- Phantasialand’s Newest Addition

Phantasialand has blown our socks off again and created another mind-blowing, space-saving attraction for 2022. The Adventure Trail offers a brand new walkthrough experience through the Africa themed area of the park and here you can find all you need to know about the latest invention from the masterminds at Phantasialand.

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Adventure awaits

The brand new trail is located in the Deep in Africa themed area and the entrance is directly opposite the entrance to Black Mamba. This brings in a second attraction into this area of the park which was a much needed addition. Deep in Africa now features Hotel Matamba, Bar Karimbu, Baobab Snack, Black Mamba & the trail itself making it one of the most diverse themed areas in the park.

Adventure Trail opens up along with Black Mamba from 09:30 every morning. As per all of the latest additions in Phantasialand, this attraction is beautifully themed and the entrance entices you in. You head in through the entrance archway into the jungle outpost where you will find the hiking map for the rest of your journey.

Intertwined with a B&M Invert

What’s more, the Adventure Trail is intertwined with the park’s very own B&M invert. Black Mamba snakes around the Africa themed area. It races past waterfalls, through rockwork and into canyons. Fascinatingly, the Adventure Trail intertwines into all of this now too.

Theming on the next level

Phantasialand is known worldwide for taking theming to the next level. Their work with Universal Rocks has levelled up the Africa themed section of the park over the last years. Furthermore, Adventure Trail levels up this themed area again. There’s so many little details throughout the trail. From lanterns hanging on the fences, to wooden masks and sculptures. Every corner has a new detail to look at.

Watch your step!

The adventure trail is not only well-themed, but also contains that adrenaline rush too for all ages! Head down wooden walkways with Black Mamba racing above you, crawl into tunnels and slide down a fireman’s pole. Additionally, one of the sections of the trail is particularly precarious! Navigate your way across wooden planks, ropeways and stepping stones in a narrow gorge. Be careful- some of the stepping stones will give way underneath you. Finally, there’s rushing water underneath you too! Don’t fall in!

The trail takes a darkening turn

As you progress through the trail you will come across different obstacles and find loads of different pathways you can take which take you in different directions. However, every way you go will end up at the cave. Lightness turns to dark and glowing lanterns hanging down from the ceiling light up your surroundings. You can explore lots of little nooks and crannies of the cave. Additionally, there are lots of narrow sections you can crawl into and climb up (if you’re brave enough!)- there’s of course an easier way out too! The final part of the trail is the most thrilling and the part I’m not going to reveal in this article. Head to Phantasialand yourself and discover the final part of the trail for yourself!

Kroka’s lodge

At the start of the coronavirus pandemic we had to say goodbye to the 6 dragon mascots and roaming actors at Phantasialand. Since then, unfortunately none of them have returned. However, there’s good news! Kroka, one of the original dragons, has opened up his own lodge! At the end of the Adventure Trail you can go and meet Kroka yourself in his lodge and take as many photos, videos and selfies with him as you like! It’s so nice to finally have one of the park’s mascots back!

What’s next for Phantasialand?

Phantasialand is hands down my favourite theme park (let us know what your personal favourite is!). However, what’s even more exciting than a day at the park is waiting to see what will come next. The Adventure Trail was a completely unexpected addition for 2022 and it will be interesting to see whether the park comes up with any other similar concepts in the future.

Furthermore, the park has been expanding its gastro offering massively over the last years to include more vegan options. The addition of the new patisserie “Törtchen & Co” was really well received too. We’re keeping our eyes especially peeled at Geister Rickscha & Hollywood Tour/Crazy Bats. These would be the two most likely areas for a large development in the coming years. Although, I’m not expecting anything in the near future. What would you like to see? Let us know here via our website or social media channels!

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