Halloween at Tivoli Gardens – 2022

We hope you had a fun Halloween! Did you get some nice treats? If not, we have one for you right here. James and I recently did a Halloween tour of three different Danish parks. The first one on the list was Tivoli Gardens in the country’s capital Copenhagen. What kind of atmosphere can you expect during these spooky times? 

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The main entrance of the park usually has a large feature hanging underneath when there’s a special season going on. During our last visit, we had a giant Easter egg. This time however, we could behold a giant pumpkin declaring the spooky season officially open at the park. 

The entrance area immediately brings you in the atmosphere filled with pumpkins, witches and of course the landscaping in autumn form.

Especially the main area up to the Nimb Brasserie looks like a festive autumn Halloween spectacle. You can find boxes that open and close with pumpkin people to give a gentle scare to by-passers.

The little street behind Rutschebanen (which was unfortunately closed 🥲) looked pretty spooky and scary too. At night, the atmosphere will definitely be frightful.

James and I made loads of pumpkin friends all over the park. The stores sold quite some Halloween decorations (and even some Christmas ornaments and more could already be found too).

Besides the decorations, the park looked radiant with all the autumn colors. So we couldn’t resist taking the classic shot of Daemonen, the park’s B&M Floorless coaster.

For me it was the first time riding it and in doing so, I rode all the B&M coasters in Europe! (Expect an article soon ranking them 😉). There’s only one other Floorless coaster in Europe: Superman at Parque Warner Madrid and they couldn’t be more different. While Superman’s layout stretches out in the desert, Daemonen had to fit in this tight city park. Nevertheless it delivers a high-class experience with the only downside being a bit short. So not a standout coaster compared to other major coasters in Europe but a star attraction for the park. The inversions are lovely and a surprising little airtime bump right before the brake run.

Some of the rides got slight Halloween overlays! This includes the Little “Ghost” Train for the kids and the iconic Ferris Wheel. But the most genius upgrade has to be the Star Flyer. Each pair of seats got a broom to send you flying over the Copenhagen skyline.

A Halloween visit isn’t complete without doing a maze. Tivoli Gardens offers two mazes and we tried one of them. Why only one? Well we aren’t that brave to be honest. We paid a visit to Villa Vendetta. Beautifully themed underneath the Tivoli Castle, we walked around quite a big villa with stunning scenes. On the downside, we only saw two or three actors which made it not so scary. However it delivers the kind of atmosphere you look for in these types of mazes. The little video at the end of the experience gave us a smile too.

Tivoli Gardens gives you a family friendly Halloween experience with some scares if you feel like it. We had one of the busiest days ever at the park and they could improve the operations quite a bit on certain rides, for example at the Milky Way Coaster. Luckily, the line at Daemonen moved forward rather well. When you visit Copenhagen, you just can’t skip this park. It breathes history and gives opportunities for iconic theme park walks. Thanks for having us and we look forward to visit again!

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