Spring has sprung at Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens is one of those parks which changes upon the seasons. The park can look completely different depending on whether you visit in spring, summer, autumn or winter. Tivoli has recently reopened for the 2022 season and the park couldn’t look more decked out for spring. There are beautiful flower beds all over the park and the cherry blossom is looking more vibrant than ever before. Fountains dance on the lakes and the crowds are out in full in the spring sunshine. Today we will take a look at the latest additions to the park and everything that caught my eye during my day at Tivoli.

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What’s new at Tivoli Gardens?

There’s not any brand new attractions for 2022 at Tivoli Gardens, however there have been a lot of developments in the past few seasons. Let’s take a look at the most recent eye-catching additions to the park.


The camel train is one of the newest rollercoasters in the park and replaced a similar style coaster in its place before it in 2019. The camel train has a beautiful Asian style theme and the station and train itself are beautifully decorated. The rollercoaster is surrounded by vibrant cherry blossom, which makes it one of the most aesthetic attractions in the park.

Tik Tak- Scramble your mind

Tik Tak is the newest flat ride investment in the park and is a Mondial Shake R5 model. This is usually out on the funfair circuits so it’s great to see it in an amusement park setting! The ride fits in with the theme of the surrounding area of astronomy and time travel.

Fata Morgana- 2 rides in one

Back in 2016 Tivoli Gardens opened this towering Huss Condor flat ride, a model which I’ve never seen before, with my last visit to Tivoli being back in 2015. This attraction offers two experiences in one, as adventurers can either sit in animal gondolas or sit with their back to the tower and spin and tilt hat high pace. The cycle on this was incredibly long and the views from the top are awesome over Copenhagen!

Mælkevejen/The Milky Way Express

In 2019 Tivoli Gardens replaced their old Mack powered coaster with a brand new model. This new attraction fits in well with the surrounding futuristic and astronomical theme. You get three laps on this one so it’s quite a long ride and the theming is absolutely awesome!

Tivoli’s unforgotten rollercoasters


Let’s not forget about the other two rollercoasters that Tivoli Gardens has an offer to guests. The first of the two being a B&M floor-less rollercoasters which takes you through 3 inversions and a tangle of track. Dæmonen, also known as the Demon, could be said to be the ride for daredevils within the park.


Not only is Tivoli Gardens itself the second oldest amusement park in the world, it is also home to one of the oldest wooden rollercoasters in the world. Rutschebanen opened in 1914 and is still operating to this date with the brakeman on board the trains! Rutschebanen can run up to 5 trains around the track simultaneously, resulting in a great throughput! If you’d like to find out more about Rutschebanen and the other oldest rollercoasters in the world, then just click here and check out a previous article.

Traditions at Tivoli Gardens

As Tivoli is the second oldest amusement park in the world, the park of course is full of tradition and charm. Some of the decorations around the park are particularly old-school and the little details are really intriguing. At Tivoli you can play many traditional games, such as the chocolate tombola wheel, where you have the chance to win a giant bar of chocolate.

Hans Christian Andersen influence

One of my favourite things about Tivoli is the influence of Danish author, Hans Christian Andersen, throughout the park. Tivoli prides itself on Danish history and culture and this couldn’t be more true when taking a ride on Hans Christian Andersen’s flying trunk, where you are taken through some of his most famous fairytales. Keep an eye on our social media accounts for an onride POV coming soon!

Thrill seekers galore at Tivoli

Tivoli Gardens is a great place for rollercoaster lovers, daredevils and those who love taking to new heights. There are plenty of thrill rides to choose from across the park including the Zamperla air race “Aquilla” and one of the tallest rides in the park, the starflyer, which will give riders spectacular views across Copenhagen. All the rides at Tivoli have really long cycles too- so you won’t be feeling short changed!

Tivoli’s Starflyer

Food lover’s paradise

Churros with ice cream and chocolate sauce!

Tivoli is also a haven for those food fanatics. First of all, the park fitted with many sit down restaurants, including popular chains such as Wagamamas and coffee shop, Joe and the juice. Furthermore, the park is covered in snack stalls selling everything you could possibly imagine. Something that really caught my eye were these incredible ice cream candy floss creations, which I unfortunately didn’t try out. However, the churros were absolutely delicious and I would highly recommend these to anyone visiting!

Tivoli’s Spring bloom

I don’t think I’ve visited anywhere so far this spring with a more gorgeous spring bloom than Tivoli. The attention to detail around the park is exquisite and it really is the perfect place to enjoy the spring sunshine. Whether it’s taking a boat ride across the lake, watching the dancing fountains in front of the wave-swinger or admiring the infinite rows of flower beds across the park: that spring feeling is not at all lacking at Tivoli. I’ve only visited Tivoli Gardens once before this trip, in the summer. However I have to say that spring has to be my favourite time of year to visit Tivoli so far. I’d love to visit the park in the winter and see how the park transforms with the Christmas lights- however that’s for next time!

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