Cologne Spring Funfair has returned!

After 2 years of cancellations due to the pandemic, the spring funfair and festival in Cologne has come back and the event couldn’t be more popular with the public. Not only is it a perfect location for meeting friends and getting together for a drink, it’s also filled with food stalls, game stalls- and most importantly for us- rides and attractions! There’s even a brand new ride which is making its world premiere as well as a rollercoaster! So join me as I take you through the details of the exciting event this year and if you’re feeling extra adventurous- why not visit yourself? You’ve got until 1st May!

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Pandora makes its world premiere at this years funfair

Pandora- The exciting ride- is making its debut at this year’s funfair. It’s a brand new concept from Fabbri known as the “in control” model. Pandora is making its first ever outing in Cologne and its been really popular with the crowds so far. However, if you’re looking to make the trip to see Pandora, there’s a couple of important infos you should know before you go.

  • The ride is a brand new prototype and has therefore been experiencing a lot of downtime.
  • The ride price costs 5 euros
  • The cars currently rock side to side however a new motor will subsequently be installed allowing the cars to loop upside down. If you are waiting for the full experience, please wait until the ride is operating to its full potential!
  • Lastly, it’s really great fun! Give it a go!
Pandora- The exciting ride

The traditional Wilde Maus

The classic Mack Wilde Maus makes an appearance once again at Cologne spring funfair. Whizz round hairpin bends and over bunny hills as you’re either hurtling towards the bridge or towards the river Rhein, which the fair is situated right next to. A trip with the Wilde Maus is priced at 6 euros.

Europa Rad- see the city from 55m above the ground

One of the staple attractions at any funfair has to be a ferris wheel. That is no different at the Cologne funfair where the 55m high Europa Rad towers over the fair and offers visitors with a chance to take in beautiful views over the fair, the river and the city itself. A ride on the Europa Rad is priced at 8 euros per person, with a reduction for children! I think our ride was about 15 minutes long so you do get your moneys worth!

Thrill rides

The funfair in Cologne is also hosting a number of staple thrill rides, which can be more commonly found across funfairs around Europe. Nonetheless, it provides an opportunities for visitors to get their thrill-fix. Here’s a quick look at some of the thrill rides on offer this year at the fair; the fabbri booster maxx “Apollo 13”, the Starflyer “Aeronaut” and the Breakdance- there’s more to discover too!

Funhouse attractions

The fair is also hosting two funhouse attractions- the Villa Wahnsinn and the Big bamboo funhouse. Both of these are different and unique in their own ways, with Villa Wahnsinn containing a mirror maze and a really long layout consisting of two buildings. In contrast, Big Bamboo is an interactive funhouse with a beach party theme where staff interacts with guests who have to navigate obstacles and effects including wind, water and strobe lights. Big Bamboo is definitely my favourite of the two however Villa Wahnsinn is also great fun!

Open until the 1st May 2022!

One of the largest events in the year in Cologne and one of the most popular funfairs in Germany of the season is running until the 1st May 2022. There’s plenty of time to check it out and experience the world premiere of Pandora. There will also be a huge fireworks display on the 29th April so why not end your day in Cologne with a trip to the fair and watching the fireworks by the river bank? All further details you might need can be found on their website by clicking here. (Warning: The fair can be extremely busy as it is very popular!)

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