SeaWorld San Diego 2022

Truly one of the most underrated parks in the country, SeaWorld San Diego is really a can’t-miss park for any enthusiasts visiting Southern California. Now with an amazing signature thrill coaster, it’s increasingly apparent just what a multi-faceted experience SeaWorld San Diego is.

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We were in San Diego for 2 days and we saw Orca Encounter a total of 4 times – every showing they had during our visit. It’s amazing seeing SeaWorld San Diego’s large pod on display, especially their larger bulls. Not only is this the largest orca pod in captivity, but SeaWorld San Diego is home to the oldest male orca in captivity (Ulises, 44) and the oldest female (Corky, 56).

SeaWorld San Diego has 4 coasters (not counting that mess, Tidal Twister, which was M.I.A. on our visit). Let’s start with Manta:

Also on the west side of the park are exhibits dedicated to walruses, sea lions, dolphins, sea otters and more. Guests can also enjoy a relaxing walk along some of the parks calm and secluded back midways, or enjoy a ride above the marina on the icon Bayside Sky Ride.

Positioned at the intersection of two family ride areas (Sesame Street Bay of Play and Ocean Explorer), two freezing animal exhibits (arctic and antarctic, respectively), and two more major coasters (Journey to Atlantis and Emperor) is Electric Eel, a Premier Rides Sky Rocket II.

Journey to Atlantis remains one of our favorite water coasters. Thought it lacks the themed components of the Orlando version, this more-straightforward coaster feels as strong as the day it opened.

Now let’s a look at SeaWorld San Diego from above! The Sky Tower is a $6 upcharge, but for all passholders unlimited rides are included.

Emperor is an incredibly strong addition to SeaWorld San Diego’s lineup. This truly unique B&M Dive Coaster is a must-ride for fans of positive G’s, inversions, and of course vertical drops. The narrow-gage, 18-passenger trains help highlight Emperor’s spitfire pacing, and the panoramic views of Mission Bay at 150ft (46m) can’t be beat.

After an amazing open-close day at SeaWorld, we went next door to the public park to enjoy the sunset and take some photos.

Our two days at SeaWorld San Diego were perfect and we can’t wait to go back. Though we love all of the Busch and SeaWorld parks, we think San Diego might be our favorite.

For an even more detailed look at SeaWorld San Diego – including exhibit walk-throughs, show highlights, and detailed attraction reviews, check out our SeaWorld San Diego vlog below:

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