A Closer Look at Toverland’s 4 New-for-2023 Attractions

Midway through 2023, Toverland will unveil at least four additional attractions in the theme park section Avalon, where visitors can envision themselves in the mythical world of wizard Merlin.

A ten-million-euro investment will be made in the extension, which will improve the variety of attractions for a larger audience and encourage people to spend more time in the park. The Avalon-themed area debuted in 2018 with the magnificent wing coaster Fēnix, the boat attraction Merlin’s Quest, and the restaurant The Flaming Feather.

In addition to the opening of the new attractions, Avalon has additional activities to do. Next to the terrace of The Flaming Feather, a water playground and a toddler’s playground will be added to the area.

The 4 New Attractions

Jumping Juna

At the base of the new parachute tower in the park, children can ride the Jumping Juna carousel. Here, the mischievous unicorn Juna and the dragon Sparky plan a costume party. In 2023, these two new characters will make their debut in Toverland.

Garden Tour

Merlin invites his younger guests to explore his magical herb garden. In this almost 130-meter-long Garden Tour through unique flora and fauna, travelers encounter the enchanting animals of Avalon. This tour is available to children both individually and with their parents.


For guests who find attractions such as the new Pixarus (below) and Fēnix a bit too thrilling and who want to soar together, the family-friendly Dragonwatch drop tower is available. This is the finest location from which to watch the theme park and spot the dragons of Avalon from a height of seventeen meters.


Pixarus is the largest of the new attractions. In this “Flight School of Magic,” Merlin teaches his students how to fly. Guests can determine how their flight will feel by controlling their own seat and the frequency with which they recline. Pixarus is a unique attraction since it is situated in the angled curve (the so-called “helix”) of the roller coaster Fēnix. Consequently, both attractions will pass each other by.

We are excited about these new additions and believe they are a perfect fit for the park! The location has tremendous potential, and the existing rides are well-themed and harmoniously interwoven with the surrounding environment. It will be even more exciting to witness these four new attractions in Avalon.

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