Secret Weapon Nine? Is Alton Towers Building a New Roller Coaster?

Residents of the area surrounding Alton Towers are being consulted about a proposed indoor attraction. Here is the latest news and rumors about Alton Towers’ next big project.

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Proposal Poster – credit to Towers Times on Twitter.

Posted from Towers Times you can see the poster inviting residents to attend the consultation on the new preposal.

With the news of Duel closing this month, enthusiasts have been speculating about the fate of this shooting dark ride. Many were wondering if it will be demolished to make way for the so called secret weapon 9. However, in light of this news some think it will be a simpler re-theme of Duel, maybe back to its original Haunted house theme?


It’s been 4 years since the park built its last rollercoaster, secret Weapon eight The Wickerman. We are eagerly awaiting the ninth project!

The proposed area sits on the old site for Alton Mouse Rollercoaster which closed in 1991. This is close to The Alton Towers Dungeons and David Walliams Land. While the location is small, we could see Alton Towers being very creative with the space. Maybe something in line with the multi-pass indoor Intamin launch coasters coming to Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Sea World San Diego. The project also hasn’t been confirmed to be a roller coaster, and it’s possible Alton Towers will decide to pioneer a whole new dark ride system. As this will be an indoor attraction, Alton Towers marketing should have a great time teasing us with details and we’re sure the hype will only continue to mount.

Proposed area for the new construction.

This could be Merlin’s next major investment at the park. It’s going to be a big couple of years in all of the Merlin parks with rollercoasters being added to all their major parks over the next few years.

Keep your eyes peeled for more information, hopefully soon after the proposal! It’s an exciting time for all UK enthusiasts after a few years of minimal new developments.

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