Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – March 31st 2016

20160331_201311 (Large)It was a wonderful day out at Six Flags Magic Mountain, nice Spring weather before the crushing summer heat. Surprisingly the park wasn’t too busy today. The crowds seemed to disappear around 6PM allowing for marathon-rides on several of the park’s bigger coasters. There are several changes around the park, including the new Full Throttle light package, and the new slides that are coming to Hurricane Harbor and all the juicy details surrounding them. Continue reading “Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – March 31st 2016”

The Joker Construction Update #9

DSC_0256 (Large)As The Joker’s construction progresses, it is becoming more and more clear what the final product will look like. Our last update was a tad spoiled by rain, so we have lots more shots from all angles this time around. More track has been placed, hardware has been installed, and there have been changes to the surrounding area. With all that in mind, let’s get started. Continue reading “The Joker Construction Update #9”

California’s Great America – 2016 Season Opening!

image1California’s Great America has finally reopened for the 2016 season, and we Northern Californian coaster enthusiasts couldn’t be more excited. Although, there was less fanfare than there has been on previous opening days, it was great to be back at the park nonetheless, and of course, we’re here to tell you all about it. Continue reading “California’s Great America – 2016 Season Opening!”

Experience The New Revolution at Six Flags Magic Mountain!

20160325_145735 (Large)Six Flags Magic Mountain hosted a Media Event for The New Revolution today, and it was beyond marvelous to ride this lovely coaster again, and without the painful OTSRs! Not to forget we also experienced The New Revolution VR (Virtual Reality) experience. Join us as we take a look around the new station, entrance, and line, as well as in-depth discuss the new trains and VR experience! (Including videos). Continue reading “Experience The New Revolution at Six Flags Magic Mountain!”

SeaWorld Magic Weekends!

SW Magic WeekendsSeaWorld® San Diego’s Magic Weekends takes center stage at the park April 2–May 1, unveiling some of the most hypnotizing performances that have left children and adults awestruck for centuries!

During the April 2–3 weekend, reality TV magic star Steve Wyrick will have guests gasping in amazement with his motorcycle vanish and virtual reality sawing; notable “America’s Got Talent” standout Michael Grasso will amp the adrenaline up with his dynamic presence and unbelievable skills April 9–10; magician David Thomas will bring the “World of Magic” show and Las Vegas-style illusions to guests April 16–17; guests will not want to miss illusionist Rick Thomas’ intriguing and innovative illusions such as the slicer and “Flatin Latin” April 23–24; and magician Michael Turco, who has been featured on “Masters of Illusion,” will leave the audience captivated April 30–May 1. All shows will be performed live at SeaWorld’s Mission Bay Theater. Performance times will be listed on the park map.

Continue reading “SeaWorld Magic Weekends!”

The Boysenberry Festival at Knott’s Berry Farm – 2016!

DSCN2763 (Large)It’s that time of year again! One of our favorite events around, the Knott’s Berry Farm Boysenberry Festival, has officially started again, and it sure was a lot of fun! With new foods, new entertainment, and the World Boysenberry Pie Eating Championship, we had a wonderful day. The event in general is just simply wonderful. Join us as we take a look at this year’s event!  Continue reading “The Boysenberry Festival at Knott’s Berry Farm – 2016!”

Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – March 21st 2016

20160321_114110 (Large)Later this week Six Flags Magic Mountain’s new 2016 addition, The New Revolution, will start running for Season Pass Previews. I’ll be taking a look at the ride later this week as well, so here’s our last update before it starts running with guests! We also have a bunch more Six Flags Magic Mountain update content from all around the park, including a look at Scream!’s new colored and freshly refurbished trains! Continue reading “Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – March 21st 2016”

Universal Studios Hollywood Update – March 20th 2016

20160320_081332 (Large)It’s time for another Universal Studios Hollywood Update! As we all know not a single park is ever so changing as Universal Studios Hollywood, so we’re back with another content filled update including the new security measures and checkpoints, the Walking Dead maze, (re)opening of restaurants, some Wizarding World of Harry Potter Updates, and way more! Check it out! 😀 Continue reading “Universal Studios Hollywood Update – March 20th 2016”

Knott’s Berry Farm Update – March 19th 2016

DSCN2825 (Large)It’s Spring time pretty much, and what better time to visit Knott’s Berry Farm than during one of their awesome events. I was at the park for the Boysenberry Festival Media Event, and have plenty of Boysenberry Festival awesomeness in a post on the site, soon! For now let’s take a look around the park, some ride operations, construction, reopenings and a whole lot more!  Continue reading “Knott’s Berry Farm Update – March 19th 2016”

The 5 Best Coasters in California to go Backwards

20160312_143435 (Large)California is home to a wide variety of different coasters, including about a dozen that feature some form of backwards motion. In the tradition of this series, we will be ranking the top five coasters with excellent backwards sections and elements, not just the coaster as a whole. As a result coasters with a brief or uneventful backwards section may not be included. With that in mind, let’s begin. Continue reading “The 5 Best Coasters in California to go Backwards”

Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – March 13th 2016

20160313_164040 (Large)With plenty of week-to-week changes, and with Six Flags Discovery Kingdom being closed with the weather in Northern California, I saw need in yet another Six Flags Magic Mountain update! This update combines The New Revolution with other exciting things going on around the park, including several official openings of new stores and restaurants! Continue reading “Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – March 13th 2016”

The Joker Construction Update #8

DSC_0201 (Large)Northern California has been subjected to some crazy and unfortunate weather over the past few weeks, and as a result, making trips out to the wonderful Six Flags Discovery Kingdom has proved a bit tricky. After checking the park’s website this morning and seeing it wasn’t closed despite the weather I made the hour and a half drive out to once again capture the speedy construction of what is sure to be a legendary coaster, The Joker. Continue reading “The Joker Construction Update #8”

Knott’s Berry Farm Update – March 12th 2016

20160312_142408 (Large)With all the craziness going on elsewhere around the state, we can’t forget that Knott’s Berry Farm is undergoing major changes as well! With huge renovations, a new Starbucks, GhostRider and a whole revitalized Ghost Town, there sure is plenty going on at the Buena Park park. Today’s update takes a look at all that, ride refurbishments, Boysenberry Festival, and a whole lot more!  Continue reading “Knott’s Berry Farm Update – March 12th 2016”

Personal New Revolution Tour!

20160304_133851 (Large)Since I was unable to attend the actual New Revolution tour on Thursday, Six Flags Magic Mountain PR was incredibly kind to offer me a personal tour of The New Revolution, the day after! Luckily a lot can change in a day, so I may have a few things in this report you haven’t seen before. The ride started testing Thursday night, and is testing as I’m writing this today (Saturday). In this tour report we’ll look at the new area, the continued repaint, the new trains, new signage, the VR system, and quite more. Let’s get to it!  Continue reading “Personal New Revolution Tour!”

Universal Studios Hollywood Update – Jurassic Park 2016 Refurbishment

20160304_170441 (Large)After the tour I took at Six Flags Magic Mountain for The New Revolution (which will be posted later today), I headed to Universal Studios Hollywood to take a look at the newly opened retail center in front of the park, as well as the newly refurbished Jurassic Park- The Ride. In this (quite short) update we’ll be focusing on these two, with a complete look at some of the upgraded Dinosaurs!  Continue reading “Universal Studios Hollywood Update – Jurassic Park 2016 Refurbishment”


VR (Large)Six Flags Magic Mountain, the undisputed thrill capital of the world, today announced final details for The New Revolution, North America’s first fully-integrated Virtual Reality (VR) roller coaster from Samsung Gear VR, powered by Oculus, to develop a multi-dimensional virtual coaster experience. The Valencia-based theme park stays true to its history of launching coaster thrills to new and unprecedented levels of exhilaration by immersing riders in a completely virtual world. Continue reading “THE NEW REVOLUTION… VR!”