Knott’s Berry Farm Update – March 19th 2016

DSCN2825 (Large)It’s Spring time pretty much, and what better time to visit Knott’s Berry Farm than during one of their awesome events. I was at the park for the Boysenberry Festival Media Event, and have plenty of Boysenberry Festival awesomeness in a post on the site, soon! For now let’s take a look around the park, some ride operations, construction, reopenings and a whole lot more! 

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Let’s start off with the fact that the Boysenberry Festival has officially started, as mentioned above. The decorations for this event are just perfect really. No abundant theming, but the touches everywhere work out great. Perfect balance, if you ask me. But more on that in a different post… DSCN2848 (Large) Let’s note that the Knott’s Berry Farm Starbucks has officially opened! DSCN2851 (Large) The patio looks neat and modern, though really it isn’t anything spectacular. DSCN2852 (Large) The inside looks like almost any other Starbucks, but thought you may wanted to see a picture of it anyways. DSCN2853 (Large) I do love the sign, I must admit that the wooden backboard suits the location, Knott’s Berry Farm. (For those who don’t know: this Starbucks is located in the Knott’s Marketplace, so no park-admission is necessary. 🙂DSCN2854 (Large) Let’s move on to in-park related matters. Such as the fact that GhostRider’s opening has been pushed back to June. Unsure is when in June it’ll open. Here’s some fresh new wood, and old storage-transfer-track wood as a visual. DSCN2855 (Large) Here’s the progress over at the new panning for gold! The roof of the structure has been placed, the entry to the panning for gold has been placed, as well as many of the wooden fences. It’s coming along nicely. DSCN2849 (Large) Close to it, the new Guest Services location has opened as well, there used to be an arcade inside, for those of you that don’t recall. DSCN2850 (Large) The Calico Saloon has had a nice touch up and has reopened as well. There’s a lot more seating upstairs, and lots of the previous interior design has been updated, it’s looking very neat. DSCN2742 (Large) Of course hosting the lovely Calico Saloon Show! DSCN2803 (Large) DSCN2807 (Large) For a minute it seemed as if Pony Express wasn’t going to be opening as maintenance seemed to be working with the launch mechanism for a while. In addition the cover of the mechanism has yet to be replaced. DSCN2746 (Large) Luckily Pony Express opened in the afternoon hosting a 90 minute line. The coaster is still down to one train. Hopefully we’ll see it back to two trains soon. DSCN2825 (Large) Moving on to the Boardwalk! There’s some slight construction going on in the spot where Riptide stood. There’s no replacement announced yet, and with limited space we’ll have to see what Knott’s is going to do here. 20160319_130923 (Large) They did move back the walls a bit revealing new concrete. Note the bright white/light gray concrete near the wall. 20160319_131106 (Large)Also on the Boardwalk is Xcelerator! Where the red-chevy train is now dismantled entirely for an extensive refurbishment. If this refurbishment is going to take as long as the refurbishment of the other train took, which is likely, we won’t see this train running for a while. DSCN2757 (Large)The Wagon Camp Theater is still undergoing its makeover. DSCN2800 (Large) With a whole new fort structure on the stage, being constructed from the ground up. DSCN2798 (Large) And here’s a bunch of stunt equipment that’s stored on the theater’s benches as the stage is being remodeled. DSCN2799 (Large) More upgrades and constructions as we move to the new Calico Stage. The construction of the new facades that the Calico and Ghost Town Railroad will pass by continues. 20160319_162321 (Large) There’s a lot more construction going on on the actual plaza in front of it currently as well. 20160319_162330 (Large) 20160319_162335 (Large) They seem to be either working on a structure for lighting in addition to the stage currently. Though it is early to tell how it will look in person, as the construction seems to be in the beginning phases still. 20160319_162339 (Large) The Chicken Dinner Restaurant right outside of the park is also under construction still. The new facade has received some windows and the overall new look of the restaurant is starting to physically appear. 20160319_171554 (Large) Back inside the park, the wonderful B&M Inverted Coaster, Silver Bullet is operating two trains again, just in time for the crazy crowds Boysenberry Festival seemed to bring! DSCN2832 (Large) That was about it for this week’s update! Check out last week’s update here. We’ve got lots of information in there too, that we didn’t repeat in this week’s update. Let’s finish with this shot of Sierra Sidewinder. Because… who doesn’t love this Mack Spinning Coaster?DSCN2841 (Large)

Thank you for checking out this Knott’s Berry Farm update! Here’s our Boysenberry Festival overview, our new Universal Studios Hollywood update, and a new Six Flags Magic Mountain Update!

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  1. What’s the story on the Wave Swinger? We were at the park on 3/25, and it was in the process of being taken down. Hoping it’s just for refurbishment…

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