Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – March 21st 2016

20160321_114110 (Large)Later this week Six Flags Magic Mountain’s new 2016 addition, The New Revolution, will start running for Season Pass Previews. I’ll be taking a look at the ride later this week as well, so here’s our last update before it starts running with guests! We also have a bunch more Six Flags Magic Mountain update content from all around the park, including a look at Scream!’s new colored and freshly refurbished trains!

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Let’s start with the fact that the 2016 Park Maps are now available! I wanted to get this artsy shot, turned out it focused on the background. You get the idea 😛20160321_113358 (Large)Here’s a look at the loop of The New Revolution that will start running with guests later this week. It seems as if the LED lights have yet to be placed on the blue strip surrounding the loop’s structure. 20160321_113426 (Large) There’s a lot of landscaping going on still, hence the many flowers in front of the Grand Carousel. 20160321_113441 (Large) All planters that host The New Revolution supports are receiving fresh flowers. 20160321_113451 (Large) All around the area, including this side of the Grand Carousel, there’s a lot more landscaping going on. 20160321_113448 (Large) Or should I say the Grand American instead of the Grand Carousel? I truly don’t know as the new park map states Grand Carousel, and the ride’s sign states Grand American… Though I do like the sign. 20160321_113446 (Large) The fence around the final helix of The New Revolution has been painted and received these New Revolution emblems. 20160321_122159 (Large) I assume they’ll touch it up with some more paint around the edges, I really like what they went for. Though… I’m still not a fan of that green screen they wrapped around the electrical boxes’ fencing in the helix. This is one of the few clearly visible sections of the ride, and this looks very odd.  20160321_122213 (Large)  The exit seems to have received all of its landscaping now. 20160321_120557 (Large) And the painting of the control panel booth is currently happening. 20160321_120604 (Large) The modern and fresh new sign for The New Revolution has also been placed! Love the three colors on the side, and the simplicity of the sign. Not so sure if I like VR picture below it, but it doesn’t bother me. Overall I think it looks great. 20160321_122151 (Large) Moving away from the new addition, I rode Superman today, as there was an actual tolerable line. Interestingly enough the train never seemed to even reach the red part of the tower… hope they get it fired up again soon! 20160321_114110 (Large) There’s the occasional confusion as to where the Flash Pass entrance is. This sign helps with that.20160321_114141 (Large) Down the hill there seem to be a lot of flowers next to the Full Throttle track. As well as more vegetation. It’s a tad hard to see in the picture, but it looks awesome when you pass by. Almost wish these Samurai Summit fences didn’t block the view. 20160321_115756 (Large) Over at the previous- Action Theater, not much has happened over the past week.  20160321_115909 (Large) 20160321_123247 (Large) The only thing remaining, and possibly remaining for some time to come, is the building that has been here since El Bumpo in the early days of the park. 20160321_123309 (Large) There’s a new Game Play Pass that Six Flags Magic Mountain has introduced. For $24 you get $50 of game credit to use at six of the games they list on the sign. 20160321_123522 (Large) And then there’s SCREAM! With the third, newly refurbished, newly colored train! 20160321_124749 (Large) These new colors match the coaster’s current color scheme, and just like the previous colors the train had, I’m a big fan. I was a tad sad to see the yellow, blue, purple go, but these new colors look very nice. 20160321_124207 (Large) Here’s a better look at the orange and blue. All restraints and seats are black. 20160321_124408 (Large) Here’s a final shot of the new train for you, as it enters the lift hill! – That was it for this quick Six Flags Magic Mountain update! I’ll be back later this week to experience The New Revolution! 😀20160321_124604 (Large)

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