Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – March 31st 2016

20160331_201311 (Large)It was a wonderful day out at Six Flags Magic Mountain, nice Spring weather before the crushing summer heat. Surprisingly the park wasn’t too busy today. The crowds seemed to disappear around 6PM allowing for marathon-rides on several of the park’s bigger coasters. There are several changes around the park, including the new Full Throttle light package, and the new slides that are coming to Hurricane Harbor and all the juicy details surrounding them.

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Let’s start with some New Revolution. All directories around the park now feature the new logo. It’s significantly smaller than other logos, at least so it seems. 20160331_141435 (Large)The New Revolution was running for Season Pass Holders that reserved a time online to check out the new VR Experience. 20160331_150402 (Large) There were several rumors making the rounds that Tidal Wave was being demolished, which was definitely not noticeable as the entire ride is pretty much in tact still. The only noticeable thing is that they took the wooden conveyor belt off the lift. This could be replaced, or have something to do with the broken lift-motor that’s supposed to be replaced. We’ll keep an eye out on Tidal Wave for a while. 20160331_142614 (Large) 20160331_143120 (Large) Speaking of water rides, Jet Stream remains closed, though Roaring Rapids has opened for the season. I saw plenty of people get off absolutely soaked, so I skipped Roaring Rapids (as usual). 20160331_150238 (Large) All the food stands and restaurants around the park have updated their menus to the 2016 season offerings and prices. Including the new souvenir bottles. In general I noticed a LOT more choice for Season Dining Pass holders, many menus offer pretty much everything they have on it to Dining Pass holders, now more than ever, it’s a good time to get one. 20160331_143539 (Large) 20160331_161557 (Large) Funny enough, as the sun went down, the park seemed to just drain, and the ride lines that were over an hour throughout the day all turned into walk-ons. So I marathon-ed Ninja of course. 20160331_191905 (Large) And Apocalypse and Riddler’s Revenge. Apocalypse was actually enjoyable today, though still rough for a GCI, it’s running a lot better than it ran a few months back. 20160331_192455 (Large) Hurricane Harbor, the adjacent water park, is receiving three new water slides this season. And the pieces are currently stored below Scream! The three water slides will replace the two Gecko Gully slides, as well as the Iguana Ravine slide of the Reptile Ridge slide tower at the Lizard Lagoon, which is near the front of the park. These three new slides will receive different names, though will likely follow a similar path as those they’re replacing (as I’ve been told). The previous slides were removed mid- February, and early March I was told the park has yet to decide on the new names or possible retheme. The Hurricane Harbor LA website is not yet updated to feature these new slides. Here are some pictures of the slide pieces stored below Scream!:20160331_172759 (Large) 20160331_172825 (Large) 20160331_172831 (Large) And let’s now move on to… FULL THROTTLE. Which has a very cool light-show going on again. 20160331_201622 (Large) Intermittently between several different patterns swerving around on the ground of the Full Throttle Plaza, the logo appears on the inside of the canopy. The led lights and moving lights around the plaza are choreographed to the music that plays in the area. 20160331_201612 (Large) But most exciting is the new light package on the loop. Every few minutes or so, the patterns on the plaza stop and all the lights move to the loop. On which several different color patterns are projected. 20160331_201303 (Large) 20160331_201311 (Large) It looks very neat, and I’m glad that after the short run of a similar light package in the opening months of the ride, June and July of 2013, they finally brought in a similar and permanent way of lighting up the loop!20160331_201321 (Large) And lastly… This combination right below is probably my favorite of the several different ones they have. Keep in mind the colors are always moving and changing on the loop. It’s great!20160331_201322 (Large)

DSC_0274 (Large)Thank you for checking out this quick Six Flags Magic Mountain Update! Our brand new JOKER Update is also LIVE!

We were at The New Revolution’s Media Day this weekend as well, check out our report of itwhich includes videos, pictures of the new station, entrance, trains, etc, as well as a review of the experience!

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