The Joker Construction Update #9

DSC_0256 (Large)As The Joker’s construction progresses, it is becoming more and more clear what the final product will look like. Our last update was a tad spoiled by rain, so we have lots more shots from all angles this time around. More track has been placed, hardware has been installed, and there have been changes to the surrounding area. With all that in mind, let’s get started.

Recently our images have popped up on other sites and forums, awesome that our coverage spreads, not so awesome that no one mentioned where they got the images from. We are totally fine with our audience using our images, BUT ONLY IF credit is given to Thank you!

It’s getting a lot more difficult to tell this is not an operating coaster. The purple and green highlights really stand out in the already colorful skyline.DSC_0221 (Large)

The drop of course is looking as gorgeous as ever.image4

The Step Up Under Flip isn’t looking too shabby either. I still find it hard to imagine what kind of forces will go along with this element.image3DSC_0257 (Large)

Although the lift hill track has long since been completed, it was not until just recently that the lift chain holding-mechanism and lift-motor have been installed, meaning the lift hill has got almost all of its parts in place, just waiting for the chain. DSC_0268 (Large)

If you look closely, you can see the last bit of the mechanism leading into the 78 degree drop.DSC_0274 (Large)

Speaking of hardware, RMC was on site installing brakes from the beginning of the break run all the way to the station.DSC_0263 (Large)

The nearby ring toss game has fences up around it is being changed in some regard. This could very well be removed for extra queue space, or a re-theming of the current game to match The Joker. As a side note, this would be a cool opportunity to add some awesome Joker theming in the queue, as we’re expecting to see a longer more elaborate queue for The Joker. Something similar to the rotating tunnel found at Six Flags Mexico would be excellent.IMG_0857

From that area, one can get an excellent view of the Breaking Wave Turn.DSC_0253 (Large)

The hill into the turn is banked steeply outward, in contrast to the turn itself. The transition between the two elements should provide some insane lateral force.DSC_0254 (Large)

As we mentioned in previous updates, it is actually well over 90 degrees of lateral banking, over-banked turns being a staple of many RMC coasters.DSC_0248 (Large)

In addition, the drop out of the turn is much more parabolic and hill shaped then one might think. It drops out of the turn, rises into the hill, and drops again providing a fly by over the Pre-lift section. (AIRTIME!)DSC_0258 (Large)DSC_0229 (Large)

From there, there is a small hop, followed by a larger banked hill just under the Zero G Stall.DSC_0262 (Large)

Here’s another look at the Zero G Stall that precedes the Breaking Wave Turn. image1 DSC_0277 (Large)DSC_0232 (Large)

After the latter hill, the entirety of the sweeping over-banked turn has been installed, and it looks stunning.DSC_0256 (Large)

The ascent into the Asian Camel Back element has been installed, as well as some steel cross beams meaning more track will probably go up soon. DSC_0230 (Large)

This element travels through the same structure as the Zero G Stall, hence the gap that will soon be filled with green and purple track! Much of the wood structure for the rest of the element has been placed as well, but this is as far as the track has gotten. We can’t wait to see the rest of this crazy element to be installed.DSC_0278 (Large)

DSCN2864 (Large)Thanks for checking out this new JOKER Update! We also published a California’s Great America opening day 2016 report!

We were at The New Revolution’s Media Day this weekend as well, check out our report of itwhich includes videos, pictures of the new station, entrance, trains, etc, as well as a review of the experience!

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On a cool note, related to new rides opening, and parks opening… one of our European crew members was at the media event and opening of Walibi Holland’s fantastic new Mack coaster: Lost Gravity!

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4 Replies to “The Joker Construction Update #9”

  1. Rocky Mountain is insane, and I’m so glad they’re making roller coasters like this. So smooth, so forceful. Unlike anything going on in the industry.

    B&M is the tried and true yawner, Intamin is the eye-catching in-between, but if RMC keeps making rides like this, those other 2 big boys have some competition on their hands.

  2. RMC has did a great job of renovating worn out wood coasters into their I-Box re-track (steel-hybrid concept), and revolutionizing wood coasters (topper track concept). It’ll be interesting to see which park gets the first ever Trex/Raptor coaster (all steel concept).

    I believe Storm Chaser is now in the testing phase, and Kentucky Kingdom should be getting close to debuting its new coaster. Lightning Rod is also in the testing phase, and it’s debut is being temporarily delayed, to ensure the launch system is working properly. Non-RMC coasters… Mako and Cobra’s Curse have all their track in place, with finishing touches still being worked on, and hopefully testing will begin soon. Along with SFDK’s The Joker, 2016 looks like another promising year.

    Next RMC projects I’m already predicting… Georgia Cyclone and The Boss in 2017.

  3. I would like the American Eagle at SFGAM my hometown park to get RMC treatment sometime in 2020 2021. Roughest wooden coaster ever.

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