Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – March 13th 2016

20160313_164040 (Large)With plenty of week-to-week changes, and with Six Flags Discovery Kingdom being closed with the weather in Northern California, I saw need in yet another Six Flags Magic Mountain update! This update combines The New Revolution with other exciting things going on around the park, including several official openings of new stores and restaurants!

Recently our images have popped up on other sites and forums, awesome that our coverage spreads, not so awesome that no one mentioned where they got the images from. We are totally fine with our audience using our images, BUT ONLY IF credit is given to Thank you!

Let’s start with the renovated Suzette’s Bakery, that is now the World Famous Funnel Cake Factory! The top of the building hasn’t been repainted or cleaned for that matter, but the new awning and signage, as well as the few indoor upgrades, look awesome! 20160313_162259 (Large) The new Six Flags Emporium has opened! Previously known as FLAGS, this is the largest souvenir shop in the Six Flags chain! 20160313_162333 (Large) I must say I really like the new colors and signage, give it more of an old-school, yet modern, feel. 20160313_162534 (Large) The insides are a lot brighter and look fresh. 20160313_162343 (Large) 20160313_162410 (Large) The green and blue they went for inside looks great, the rest is all sleek and white. Really like how it turned out. 20160313_162411 (Large) Across from the new Six Flags Emporium we find that all railings surrounding the Grand Carousel have been repainted black. 20160313_162650 (Large) The Grand Carousel itself is being prepared for it’s reopening, after a lengthy (but necessary) refurbishment. 20160313_162657 (Large) They are also working on adding a brand new sign. Which we’ll hopefully have a picture of in our next update! 20160313_162620 (Large) The band stand in front of the Carousel seems to be receiving several more touches. Besides the repaint there isn’t much changing though. 20160313_162602 (Large) There’s the wonderful The New Revolution, which’ repaint seems to have been completed. Oh and there’s Tatsu photobombing. 20160313_162545 (Large) The new fences along the electrical boxing at the bottom of the final helix has received a new green screen. Not a very big fan of how it looks, but hopefully we’ll see some vegetation there as well. 20160313_162646 (Large) The walls to The New Revolution have been taken away, allowing a peek into the new area. I noticed in this shot that the fences around the final helix haven’t been painted and look off compared to the freshly painted white steel coaster right behind it. 20160313_162718 (Large) The entrance to the ride, now almost completed, looks fantastic! Really like how the overall look of it turned out!20160313_162720 (Large) The landscaping so far is wonderful and luckily there are still some trees to be found in the area. 20160313_162735 (Large) 20160313_162739 (Large) You get a great view of the brake run, now several trees there have been taken out. Below you may notice the new wall separating the backstage area from the entrance plaza of the ride.20160313_162741 (Large) The front of the train has also been placed! It’s hard to see in this shot, but it looks identical to the renderings they created for the announcement of the ride. Oddly the control booth in the station has yet to be painted.20160313_165421 (Large) All those thousands of plants we showed you in our tour report have been placed all around this hill, and should soon blossom to cover the hill in green. 20160313_165318 (Large) Here’s a look at the exit stairs now all the new landscaping has been finished. 20160313_165325 (Large) Moving to more blue and white related stuff, the Samurai Summit station of the Helpful Honda Express has finally been repainted entirely, and has also received the new signage! 20160313_163830 (Large) Here’s a cloudy SoCal afternoon Full Throttle shot for you, more about this Premier launch coaster later in this update. 20160313_164040 (Large) I also noticed that the GLO store was opened. They didn’t seem to get much traffic, and it sure was an interesting day to open this store. 20160313_175815 (Large) Speaking of opening up, the Chop Six restaurant has officially opened. Hence the balloons. 20160313_165545 (Large) I must say I really like the food here personally. Especially their Asian Donuts!20160313_170256 (Large) Moving on to the waterfront… we may notice that…20160313_164230 (Large) Pretty much the entirety of the Action theater is now gone. Leaving only a concrete lot. Let’s see what Six Flags Magic Mountain will add here in the near future. 😉20160313_164249 (Large) This is the only building left standing associated with the theater. 20160313_164303 (Large) Here’s an overall shot of the emptiness! Just today, I realized how much space this actually is. They can do a lot over here, and go full out with whatever they choose to build here 😛20160313_164506 (Large) Last but definitely not least… Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Full Throttle received a light package, wonderfully lighting up the loop. Programmed and shared by @ZachMooreDesignCdebJrwUkAEzCx5

DSC_0201 (Large)Thanks for checking out this Six Flags Magic Mountain Update, here’s today’s Joker update! Check out our brand new Knott’s Berry Farm Update from yesterday!

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  1. I don’t think Six Flags is fooling anyone with the demolition of the Action Theater, we know what is to come. It’s either a Justice League dark ride or (with a low possibility) a giga coater or dare I say strata-coaster…

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