Walibi Holland – Lost Gravity Event

One of the newest coasters in 2016 for Europe is Lost Gravity. Announced as a crazy ride that will shift the mind, the machine finally started running on March 24th for guests to enjoy. We were there to experience the ‘strange powers’ as one of the first!

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Press and invitees were invited on a lost campground before entering the park. Here, the meteorite that caused the change in gravity, was exhibited as a must see item.

Gas! Open fires and smoking forbidden!

Camp grounders were really in love with the earth that surrounded the meteorite.

The ride could be seen from afar through the trees, but now it was finally time to see it up close!

We were lucky to be one of the first to go via the Fast Lane towards the entrance. To do this, we had to pass through a bus which is part of the queue.

First ride ever with guests! The flamethrower in the back is one of the special elements of the ride and queue! It goes of now and then and while standing in the queue, you’re really heated up immediately.

Finally our time to ride! After a very speedy lift hill, say hello first drop! By far the best element of the ride. The force that drags you down towards the bunny hop is awesome!

After entering the banked top hat, you go down onto a camel back. As you go up again, you slowly pass into a banked turn to hit the first brakes. Next up are the inversions! You slowly go down the first one but luckily not in a ‘oh my god all the blood in my body is flowing towards my head’ way. Good one, Mack!

The second inversion is paired with a splash effect. Right before you’re twisted upside down, the fountain sprays upwards with a near miss effect.

What follows is an effect I have never experienced on any coaster before. In the track that remains, you are slowing down so much that you’re almost standing still and then you continue, a kind of accordion effect. Not everybody will like this, but it gives a special touch to the coaster and matches with the gravity concept. The final helix takes you to the brakes. First impression: Well done, Walibi Holland! It’s not a coaster that will be loved for it’s force, but for it’s unique elements and it’s ride experience as a whole.

Even the exit makes you lose gravity!

You end up in the Lost Gravity shop which sells several LG themed merchandise.

A new snack point was installed as well.

Let’s have a look at the theming. Gravity is the key word here as they turned quite some things upside down or sideways. Like these trees for example.

Also a helicopter was brought down due to the meteorite apparently. During the event, it was home to a DJ that played awesome beats matching the theme of Walibi Holland: Go Hard! #hardgaan

The queue contains a lot of containers but these are also put sideways, on top of each other, hanging over guests… Pay attention to the path itself, as they made it pretty cool!

The queue has some video screens with blurry images featuring fragments where people are struggling with gravity. My bike turned out to be here too!

The largest part of the queue has some windows inside the bottom containers, which displays scenes where gravity is definitely lost.

To get a real idea of the queue, just watch this map. It says it all!

Getting confused by now?

Big surprise is also this escalator! It’s rare to see it in a queue. Personally I only saw one at Eurosat in Europa-Park. Obviously this one doesn’t work, except for some vibration effects from time to time.

When entering the container, new screens again show strange videos…

Almost time to ride!

When looking upwards, check out the view on the banked tophat!

The final containers of the queue take you into a kind of mirror room. You do lose your senses a bit here.

Time to ride again! Once the wheels are heated up a bit, the ride gets a bit more force! The first drop for example is even more intense!

As we were in Walibi Holland, we couldn’t resist having a walk through the park to ride the other coasters. Along the way, we noticed that the Ferris Wheel got repainted last season.

Once Lost Gravity opened to the public, the rest of the park was pretty deserted.

Nobody interested in riding the Old Timers?

The Enterprise of the park was closed and sealed off.

Other major ride of the park is of course Goliath. The station got a new paint job this year.

With Lost Gravity, they now have coasters in every corner of the park and one in the middle: El Condor, SLC of the park.

The others are Xpress – Platform 13, better known as the outdoor Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster.

Speed of Sound, one of the best Boomerang coasters out there with a sound tunnel on the lift hill and the new Vekoma restrains.

The wooden coaster of the park: Robin Hood. One of the few Vekoma ones.

And so last but not least, the newest member: Lost Gravity!

Here are some shots of the ride itself! The trains are really cool with the mirror effect! Do hope they will maintain them well.

Love how gravity messes up people’s hair.

Camel back! By the way, the best seats are definitely on the far left side. As they are floorless, they make the first drop very epic!

To finish: here’s an impression video of the ride!

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