The Walking Dead: Wolves Not Far – Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights

The nation’s insatiable appetite for AMC’s “The Walking Dead” will continue to terrify Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando Resort when the most intense moments from season 5 of the critically-acclaimed, Emmy Award®-winning television series take a bite out of “Halloween Horror Nights,” beginningFriday, September 18, 2015. Continue reading “The Walking Dead: Wolves Not Far – Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights”

The 5 Best Pre-lifts in California

DSC_0134.JPG (Large)Pre-lifts. That small hint of what’s next to come. That exciting rush before you even reach the lift-hill. Pre-lifts come in many different forms, from well-themed indoor ones, to speedy drops out of the station, to funky little twists and turns. In a state full of coasters, there are quite a few pre-lifts, but which ones stand out the most? Here are California’s 5 BEST pre-lifts!  Continue reading “The 5 Best Pre-lifts in California”

California’s Great America Update – July 20th 2015

IMG_1444 (Large)It was a pleasure to finally be back at California’s Great America after a rather long break from coverage. We do apologize for the recent CGA coverage break but we are returning to our normal schedule so expect much more in the future. Since we haven’t been at the park in a bit, a lot has been going on including Vortex’s conversion and Haunt preparation so let’s quit stalling with this introduction and talk about it. Continue reading “California’s Great America Update – July 20th 2015”

More Roar…

More Roar promo002 (Large)Roar has been a staple of Six Flags Discovery Kingdom since its opening, and although it has had a bit of inconsistency in its quality, it has always been a fan favorite. Despite its recent high-quality operations, the park has announced that Roar will be closing on August 16th of 2015 to make way for future attractions. Now, mostly any coaster enthusiast is aware of what this may mean… Rocky Mountain Construction. Even though it has yet to be confirmed, it has been heavily rumored and seems to be by far the most likely option for the park next year. So, what does this mean? Is this really a good fit? Let’s get into talking about a potential RMC Roar. Continue reading “More Roar…”

Universal Studios Hollywood Update – July 16th 2015

20150716_133340 (Large)Wow, another crazy summer day! There aren’t many park updates that include significant changes in the summer period, but Universal Studios Hollywood begs to differ. There’s a Wizarding World update included, of course. In addition, we’ve got some Studio Tour things, some Jurassic World/Jurassic Park additions to the lower lot, and a new Halloween Horror Nights maze announcement! Continue reading “Universal Studios Hollywood Update – July 16th 2015”

SeaWorld San Diego Trip Report – July 9th 2015

20150709_143148 (Large)It has been a while since I’ve personally been to SeaWorld San Diego, and had the opportunity to visit myself this time. I had an absolutely great time, it’s one of the best maintained parks around. The operations on their rides were incredible, and even though I spent 12 hours there, I didn’t even get to experience everything they have to offer (I did make sure to get plenty of rides in on their coasters 😛 ) Take a look at the park and what they offer during their 50th summer celebration! Continue reading “SeaWorld San Diego Trip Report – July 9th 2015”

Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – July 4th Fest 2015

20150704_211946 (Large)I went to the park to get some July 4th Fest pictures, and to see the corresponding fireworks. Once inside I realized there was enough going on around the park to create an actual update, there’s some good news regarding the operations on rides, we’ll take a look at July 4th Fest (presented by Coca-Cola) 😛 And of course the fireworks! Continue reading “Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – July 4th Fest 2015”