Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – July 4th Fest 2015

20150704_211946 (Large)I went to the park to get some July 4th Fest pictures, and to see the corresponding fireworks. Once inside I realized there was enough going on around the park to create an actual update, there’s some good news regarding the operations on rides, we’ll take a look at July 4th Fest (presented by Coca-Cola) 😛 And of course the fireworks!

In case you haven’t guessed yet, or live in a different country, it was Independence Day, and of course Six Flags Magic Mountain celebrated.20150704_172723 (Large)

The drought is real as the small pond in between Katy’s Kettle and Roarin’ Rapids is empty. 20150704_175504 (Large) The LIVE entertainment at Katy’s Kettle is a very nice touch. There’s a country band playing peaceful music as guests eat. 20150704_175507 (Large)

Across from that there’s Tatsu, which was running two trains and one side of the station. Which is a bit of a shame, as it was pretty crowded at the park, and I’ve seen them run two stations on days with half the crowds… The third train on the storage track seems to be near-complete with new parts, hopefully we WILL see a 3-train operation on Tatsu this summer. 20150704_175519 (Large)

Samurai Summit is still NOT The place to be, because Ninja still runs one train, and Superman…. Oh well, not like it’ll ever be a surprise, Superman is also still down to one train. 20150704_175801 (Large)

The Epic Rides Gift Shop at the Apocalypse Exit has been closed for quite a while now, curious whether it will reopen again, or if this is another one of those gift shops that won’t be used for another couple of years. 20150704_175824 (Large)

Once it’s dry, the Water Front pool allows you to see how much unused space is right there… Getting to my Flat Ride rant again, it offers great space for a few flat rides 😛20150704_180106 (Large)

There was also a STOP promotion going on, I snapped the pic as I walked by real quick, so I’m unsure what it entails. 20150704_180121 (Large)

It’s time for new flowers over at Riddler’s Revenge! The previous flowers have been cleared, new ones should be here anytime soon. Without the flowers the iconic Riddler’s question mark bushes become very apparent. 🙂20150704_180320 (Large) Speaking of Riddler’s Revenge, something that’s not gone like the flowers… The ride is finally back to two train operations, and still had a 90 minutes line… Imagine waiting for Riddler’s Revenge with one train on a day like this! After walking away from RR, I ran into The Coaster Guy, who happened to be there alone as well, so we hang out the rest of the day. 20150704_180618 (Large) Riddler’s Revenge wasn’t the only ride back to two trains, Batman’s line remained under 15 minutes today, thanks to the two train operations! 20150704_181051 (Large)

All of the parks 6 flat rides are operating again! (Not counting kiddie flats!). Oh cr*p… that does sound like they need more flats… only 6? 😛 – Either way, Swashbuckler received a new paint job last year, now all new chains and lights have been installed it’s running again! Looking fresh!20150704_193115 (Large)

The wonderful Whistlestop Train has derailed, I’m not sure what exactly happened, but since the unpopularity of the ride, I feel like they’ll take their time reopening it. (I actually really like this ride, noone rides it and when it’s crowded at the park I just hop on this thing for a little bit 😛 )20150704_193351 (Large)

FOURTH OF JULY FEST! – It is set up very large this year, I was surprised, a DJ, DJ A One that is. Lots of spots to hang out, free Coca-Cola Drinks, I really liked it! 20150704_193715 (Large) 20150704_193735 (Large) 20150704_193748 (Large)

Since it was definitely going to be a crowded night at the Full Throttle Nights, The Coaster Guy and I arrived early for some good spots for the Fireworks show. (Selfie Creds: The Coaster Guy). 11666200_863290190372726_8193632307565686696_n20150704_202134 (Large)

About 90 minutes later, DJ A One joined and got the crowd ready for the Fireworks show, along side DJ Nel and Ricky Rocks! 20150704_210857 (Large)

And then… BAM! Fireworks! I was hugely impressed with this years fireworks. 15 minutes of nonstop prettiness blowing up right above the crowd behind Full Throttle. (Loved seeing fireworks hit that loop, had to share that!)20150704_211946 (Large)20150704_212234 (Large) WHAT?! Like it couldn’t be any cooler, the park included a great laser show during some parts of the Fireworks show. Combined with a great crowd, awesome Full Throttle Nights preceding that, it was one of the best night experiences I’ve had at the park. 20150704_212605 (Large) Here’s one last Fireworky shot, more on our Facebook page soon, including a video20150704_211717 (Large)

Thanks Six Flags Magic Mountain and Coca-Cola for creating one of the coolest night-time experiences in the park’s recent history, I had a blast, so did the rest of the crowd. And thank you readers for checking out this Six Flags Magic Mountain Update! More in the near future, some international stuff as well. 😀


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  1. Wow this years fireworks were amazing let’s hope Fourth of July fest continues to grow and get bigger every year

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