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Dear readers,

After more than two years of hard work within California Coaster Kings, we currently have tens of thousands of readers per month. We’re constantly working to the best of our abilities to get the best coverage to our readers, but in order for us to continue to do so, we will need more team-members. We have progressed immensely over the past few months, and we came to the conclusion that we’re looking for new talented and dedicated team-members to grow steadily. 

We are in need of a larger team to keep up with the growth we’ve been undergoing. We would like to offer you a chance to be a part of our team and grow with us as a key part of the theme-park industry!

We’re searching for team-members that have knowledge of the theme-park industry, mainly California, and will be dedicated to the success of California Coaster Kings, and to the quality and quantity of content provided to our readers. In addition, we expect our team-members to have excellent communication skills, for efficient and professional part-taking on the California Coaster Kings team.

Below you will find a quick form, if you’re interested in joining the California Coaster Kings team, please submit the completed form below, and we will send you an application.

You’re not applying for a paid-position at California Coaster Kings. You’re applying to share your relationship, passion, history, and knowledge of the theme-park industry with our audience.

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6 Replies to “Join the California Coaster Kings Team”

  1. How often would I have to go to the parks and report? Or would I even be doing reports? A few more details would be great.

  2. Dear CCK,
    I’ve been following your website for about a year and I’ve always been impressed by your guy’s coverage. Do you guys still need people to cover California parks? If so, am I interested and willing to help cover Northern California parks such as SFDK, GA, the Boardwalk. Also it would be interesting if I or you guys covered the various county fairs such as the CA state fair or Alameda County fair.

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