California TOP 50 – 2015 – Part FOUR (20-11)

TOP 50 TNail001 YESCalifornia Coaster Kings rated many coasters, and although we’re usually not fans of listing/ranking rides or parks, we do create an annual California TOP 50! You might, and likely will, disagree, that’s totally fine! That’s what this TOP 50 is all about! Of the many rides in the state, we selected the 50 we think are best! Here are places 20-11 in the 2015 California TOP 50! 

We would like for you to understand that all rides in our TOP 50 went through our own rating/ranking system that created a TOP 50, the way we think the rides are ranked best! By the time the entire TOP 50 has been published, our minds may have changed, because with this much variety and top quality rides in CA, it’s insanely hard to get to a ranking. You might as well say that these 50 are the best rides in CA, no matter which ride will take first place! Other than that; here’s our TOP 50 Part FOUR: 

  • 20 – Studio Tour – The world famous Studio Tour, that houses attractions such as King Kong 360 3D, Earthquake the Big One, and the all new Fast and Furious: Supercharged! This hour long tram ride shows guests all corners of the Universal Studios, and is a spectacular experience. 20150213_130728 (Large)
  • 19 – Apocalypse – A modern GCI coaster with a twist… very nice theming for Six Flags! With a station fly-by, fire effects, pre-shows, and non-stop thrilling action this ride will surprise riders over and over again! Sadly, Apocalypse is getting very rough lately, which is why we ranked it below Roar this year. 20140618_135038 (Large)
  • 18 – Roar – Roar, you’ll never hear the end of it. It has a excellent twisty layout with some decent pops of floater air throughout. The tremendous amount of laterals and occasional floater combined with quite a long ride time, it is a very satisfying ride. It’s recent retracking has really smoothed it out a lot and it is running extremely well, some would even say better than Apocalypse. Rumor has it, it will be running even better soon 😉 .20140620_191728 (Large)
  • 17 – Batman: The Ride – Batman: The ride is famously one of the most cloned rides out there, and for good reason. It’s compact and relentless layout features five inversions all of which are very well placed and very forceful.With some of the best theming to be found at Six Flags parks, it is an awesome experience.20150616_191509 (Large)
  • 16 – Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom – The second tallest drop ride in the world is a crazy experience. A 400 foot drop, attached to the amazing Superman Escape From Krypton structure, that reaches speeds of 85 MPH! In a park with mostly coasters, this ride still stands out to be one of the most intimidating. 20150616_191646 (Large)
  • 15 – Viper – We find it rather underrated. The super Arrow looper, is a thrill machine first class. Spinning riders up-side-down 7 times, including 3 tight loops, a unique Batwing inversion and a double corkscrew. The first loop is still the tallest elevated loop in the world! Reaching insane speeds and coiling all over the place, Viper sure deserves to be ranked in the TOP 20 part!20140605_150024 (Large)
  • 14 – Flight Deck – Flight Deck is an old school B&M, and what it lacks in length (Which is quite a bit) it makes up for in pacing and forces. All three inversions are extremely forceful, and the two helices especially the second one over the lake, are equally punishing. These elements are thrown at you one after another to create for a very intense experience that will leave you breathless, thus it made our list.20140726_171030 (Large)
  • 13 – Montezooma’s Revenge – Montzooma’s Revenge is one of the last remaining Schwarzkopf shuttle loops out there. It inverts riders twice through the same loop, both forwards and backwards, both of which slam riders into their seats with incredible positive G-forces. In combination with two steep spikes that provide good floater, it balances out to be a strangely but awesomely forced ride. Not to mention it is more than 30 years old, and it still holds up.MontyLoop (Large)
  • 12 – Silver Bullet – The biggest Inverted Coaster in the state also has one of the best line-ups of elements on any invert. With a gigantic loop, a unique Cobra-Roll, it also features a Zero-G-Roll, and two corkscrews. But that’s not all! Silver Bullet is, arguably, such an amazing experience due to a few hidden gems on the ride, such as the over-banked turn and the tiny swipe in between the corkscrews! This ride can’t be missed when visiting Knott’s Berry Farm! 20140525_155505 (Large)
  • 11 – Riddler’s Revenge – The World’s tallest, fastest, and longest Stand-Up Coaster is one of our personal favorites. Besides the amazing thrills of standing up while rushing along the ride, the gigantic elements on the ride create for a forceful and long ride. In addition, the ride is one of the most creative B&M coasters on earth, with a great layout that features two dive loops, a loop, an inclined loop, and two corkscrews. As well as some hidden gems as a small air-time hill, a helix, and a declined exit out of the first corkscrew. Overall, even though it’s been around since 1998, it’s one of the best B&M creations. 20131103_150256 (Large)

Thanks for checking out the fourth part of the 2015 California TOP 50! The final 10 spots will be published next week! For spots 50-41, click here! For spots 40-31, click here. For spots 30-21, click here.

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4 Replies to “California TOP 50 – 2015 – Part FOUR (20-11)”

  1. Obviously Tatsu, X2, Full Throttle, Goliath and Twisted Colossus will be part of the Top 10 😉 😉 😉 Wonder what will take up the last 4 spots 😉 One will be Xcelerator, Superman (Discovery Kingdom), Kong, … so that leaves one spot 😛

  2. Rides we know will be Top 10
    Twisted Colossus
    Full Throttle
    Superman:Ultimate Flight

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