Fast & Furious – Supercharged opens at Universal Studios Hollywood

20150623_124839 (Large)Today was the red carpet premiere event of Fast & Furious – Supercharged at Universal Studios Hollywood! The event took place on the back lot, trams dropped off the invited media and guests on New York street, after which we walked into the iconic Court House Square, where the ‘stunt’ opening was held. This post includes a little review of the experience. 

Once Media and guests parked in the parking lot near the front of the studios, they boarded Studio Tour trams to New York Street, where they (and I of course) got off. 20150623_104829 (Large)Passing through a small gate, I found myself in Court House Square, where some picture cars were neatly displayed. 20150623_104914 (Large) 20150623_104940 (Large) Some snacks were set up. All I could really care for were beverages, each summer again it surprises me how hot it can get in SoCal!  20150623_110536 (Large) Here’s the red carpet, over which the Fast & Furious stars walked before the official opening ceremony. 20150623_125058 (Large)Here’s where all the spectacular-ness took place, before it was insanely crowded. 20150623_111438 (Large) A very cool start, a car came drifting in, did some donuts before girls came out.20150623_122745 (Large) A very talented cast of dancers came out and performed in ‘Furious’ style. 20150623_122804 (Large) 20150623_122835 (Large) The car came back with Larry Kurzweil on board, the President and COO of Universal Studios Hollywood. 20150623_123058 (Large) Which of course gave a speech! 20150623_123242 (Large) Followed by Ron Meyer, the Vice Chairman of NBCUniversal. 20150623_123646 (Large) Then LA Mayor Eric Garcetti made an appearance, I really liked the comical aspects of his speech, and like he does in most speeches at Universal Studios Hollywood, he spoke of the tourism in Los Angeles, how Universal Studios supports the city, as well as some numbers and goals related to tourism. 20150623_123727 (Large) Then some of the Fast & Furious franchise’s stars made came on stage. Vin Diesel gave a quick word, and Michelle Rodriquez, Tyrese Gibson, and Jason Statham stood by. Vin Diesel announced that even production on the 8th movie is already getting started, which is set to come out in 2017. 20150623_124325 (Large) And then they were going to cut the chain to symbolically and officially open Fast & Furious Supercharged! 20150623_124537 (Large) But shoot, police and the FBI had to butt in 😛 20150623_124815 (Large)For a crazy cool Fast & Furious stunt opening! 20150623_124836 (Large) A car flew through this Fast & Furious sign, though I was just too late with getting it on camera. 20150623_124839 (Large)Fast & Furious – Supercharged opens as the grand-finale attraction on the Studio Tour tomorrow, June 24th!

Ride Experience + Review

The tram-ride will suddenly be interrupted by the FBI and Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson’s character), related to the car of Dom Toretto being on the lot. 20150623_130635 (Large) The the tram will hide in the facility away from bad guy Luke Evans, which is the first pre-show. It’s all physical sets here, and gives you something nice to look at while you wait a minute or so to enter the next pre-show. 20150623_131158 (Large) The next pre-show is actually really cool, though guests do not need their 3D glasses, it looks sort of 3D, with the use of multiple screens, projectors, and practical sets. In this pre-show, the 4 cars of the Studio Tour tram are blocked off with additional walls, so all 4 cars see the same pre-show without looking over and seeing the exact same thing happen next door at the car behind them or in front of them. 20150623_131347 (Large) There’s a party, which is interrupted of course. And that’s where I’ll stop spoiling it for you.20150623_131437 (Large)The actual ride uses technology which is very similar to King Kong 360 3D. Though the screens extend in front of the tram as well, which takes away the one error on King Kong, meaning that the front car can look straight ahead and still be in the delusional 3D world of Fast & Furious – Supercharged. There are several cool effects, like a crazy amount of wind guns blowing air into the trams to make the speed feel more realistic, as well as some fog and water effects. Now the shaking is a lot less than on King Kong, so the experience is dominated by the screens and pre-shows. Nonetheless, it’s a great new addition to the Studio Tour, a finale it needed. Do yourself one big favor though, do not go in with very high expectations, it’s a fun addition, fast paced, and hard to focus on what’s really going on. It’s like King Kong, some will like Fast & Furious better, some will stick to King Kong.

Fast & Furious opens to the public tomorrow June 24, and even though the Studio Tour is incredible by itself, Fast & Furious Supercharged is a can’t miss attraction and a very cool experience, come check it out!

We’ll be back tomorrow for a Universal Studios Hollywood Update! So stay tuned for that. 😀 Here’s the other new Universal Studios Hollywood extravaganza… SPRINGFIELD!

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