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20150512_202022 (Large)It’s been a while since Springfield soft opened to guests visiting Universal Studios Hollywood. Though now, Springfield has been completed entirely and has been officially opened to the public! Like Universal Studios always does, they threw a great opening ‘party’, they called it a ‘Taste of Springfield’ and a taste it was! We got to try out everything and anything! 

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Let’s Check-In at the Entertainment Capital of L.A.! 😀20150512_181411 (Large)The park was closed when the event started, so we were lead to… well… Springfield! 20150512_184243 (Large) Once there, I instantly noticed the added scenery all over the area. Here for example is the crashed Springfield Police car. 20150512_184315 (Large) And of course, the Lard Lad Donut’s eating cop. 20150512_184325 (Large) Remember those metal bars sticking out of this building, now we know why they were there! The park added sideshow Bob escaping from the Springfield Penitentiary! 20150512_184338 (Large) It’s incredible how much detail really went into Springfield, very cool to see a cartoon-esque world come to live realistically, fresh, and exciting. 20150512_184432 (Large) Here’s the stage on which the opening speeches were held. 20150512_184456 (Large) Ahh fancy famous people walk past there… 20150512_184508 (Large) Now, without this ride, Springfield would’ve never been built. Some are still sad that Back To The Future had to leave for the Simpson’s Ride. Springfield looks awesome, and Krustyland’s Simpson’s Ride finally fits in its surroundings!20150512_184510 (Large)

Ah, let’s cut to the opening ceremony of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, in other words, the opening of Universal Studios Hollywood’s Springfield! 😀 There were quite some people involved with Simpsons there, including the voice actors of several characters. Before they could actually open the new area, the usual speeches came along.20150512_193119 (Large) Here’s Larry Kurzweil , the park president!20150512_193258 (Large) And then The Simpsons Executive Producer, Al Jean, made a speech for the opening. 20150512_193551 (Large) And then… the residents of the wonderful neighborhood joined the media! 20150512_193728 (Large) It was quite an exciting entrance, the different restaurants’ crews joined, it was pretty energetic and fun. 20150512_193730 (Large) 20150512_193733 (Large) And then the countdown came. At the time of this picture there were 3 seconds left before Springfield would be officially opened…20150512_193834 (Large) BOOM! (Sort of…) The Springfield Nuclear Power Plant exploded, marking the newest era of Universal Studios, just the beginning of two years of crazy additions! 20150512_193857 (Large) 20150512_193905 (Large) And what’s a grand opening without some great fireworks and a ton of confetti? 20150512_193916 (Large) I need to find another word for TON of confetti, it was an INSANE amount of confetti, really! 20150512_193929 (Large) 20150512_193935 (Large)

Now all the official opening ceremony glory was over… it was time to stuff ourselves with amazing Springfield foods… on this table (some media friends and I ‘dined’ together) we’ve got the infamous Cletus’ Chicken Shack meals, with waffle chicken burger as the high-point of all meals there. 20150512_194756 (Large) At the Krusty Burger I got a Clogger Burger, which was a double cheese burger with a good amount of bacon. It tasted absolutely AMAZING. But, it’s filling… VERY filling! 20150512_200423 (Large) Of course I had to get a couple of Flaming Moe’s! Yes this stuff is great! 20150512_201559 (Large)

Now, the event was about 90 minutes long, and we got to check out the area at night!20150512_201703 (Large) Nicely, the park operated the Simpsons Ride for Media Guests!20150512_201725 (Large) And all characters were out and about for media to take pictures with. 20150512_202022 (Large) EVEN COOLER! We were able to play all games as many times as we wanted, and win actual prizes too. (Yes, I told you this event rocked!). 20150512_203301 (Large) 20150512_203307 (Large) Little Iron Reef thing going on at Universal Studios Hollywood! 😛20150512_204222 (Large)

Here’s a couple more shots of the new area at night! 20150512_205013 (Large) 20150512_205019 (Large) 20150512_205034 (Large) 20150512_205048 (Large) 20150512_205058 (Large)Thanks to Universal Studios Hollywood for the amazing event. Always great to visit! 20150512_205420 (Large)I STRONGLY advice you to check out Springfield, it’s fresh, energetic, large, and TASTY! The food quality at the restaurants is great, the interaction with guests is too. Simply awesome. We’ve got a BUNCH more pictures of Springfield and the inside of the restaurants, etc HERE! 

Thanks to Gregg from Park Journey for hanging out during the event tonight! IMG_2967

Thanks for checking out our report of the official opening of Springfield! Come visit Universal Studios Hollywood soon, as there’s even more opening up soon, like the Night Time Studio Tour and the Fast and Furious Supercharged finale on the Studio Tour! We’ll be back at Universal Studios Hollywood in 2 days, and will then bring a full USH Update from that day! Meanwhile check out ERT Times for Twisted Colossus here! And our new special article; ‘The Park With a Good Kind of Identity Crisis’, here!

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