Universal Studios Hollywood Update – May 14th 2015

USH promo001 (Large)Springfield officially opened on Tuesday night, and today was one rainy day at Universal Studios Hollywood! The rain didn’t keep us away, and we decided to visit for an update. Summer’s approaching, and there’s lots of prep going on. This update includes Wizarding World of Harry Potter construction and Fast & Furious Supercharged construction! 

Let’s start off with some maintenance around the outside of the park, the fountain at the Frankenstein Parking Lot, and guest drop-off circle is being refurbished. They’re repainting the walls around it as well. 20150514_120607 (Large) The giant foggy Universal Globe wasn’t quite foggy today. The water was drained and the globe wasn’t spinning (nor was there fog). Just some general maintenance. Today was a great day to work on it, hardly any guests and crazy rains. 20150514_120721 (Large)

Let’s head inside the park, next to the entrance, where the House of Horrors used to be, the park is constructing a new building. I believe it’s a new store, will confirm. 20150514_120940 (Large) 20150514_135156 (Large)

Here’s a good look at the new flowers placed all around the Universal’s Animal Actors stadium! 20150514_154421 (Large) The Plaza Grill was closed today, due to the very small amount of guests at the park. In case you wonder what they sell now Pink’s is gone; Chili Burgers, Burgers, all sorts of Hot-dogs, Turkey legs, cheese fries, chili fries, that kind of food. 20150514_133406 (Large)

Did you know… that due to the heavy rain, Universal Studios Hollywood gives guests free coffee or hot chocolate. Yeah, more parks should do this. In addition, they distributed ‘Rain Maps’ upon entering the park, which show you what rides have indoor lines, or what places you can stay indoor, etc. Pretty cool! 😀20150514_181230 (Large)

Let’s get to Fast & Furious Supercharged that’s opening on June 25th! The exit of the Studio Tour attraction is now entirely covered. 20150514_132404 (Large) 20150514_132409 (Large)

Look… it’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter! 😛 Looking all nice. 20150514_154407 (Large) Each visit they manage to have progressed intensely much, great to see!20150514_154405 (Large) Look at the rock work at the castle! 20150514_133046 (Large) 20150514_121343 (Large) Speaking of that side of Wizarding World of Harry Potter, there’s a bunch of new stairs and walkways that have been added recently. 20150514_132839 (Large) The exterior of the Forbidden Journey building is receiving more and more parts, even though the opening is roughly 10 months away, they’re getting ‘close’! 😉20150514_132820 (Large)

Springfield has officially opened. It opened on Tuesday night to the Media, we were there! Make sure to read ALL ABOUT IT, here! 20150512_193916 (Large)

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  1. There are rumors of parts of the London/Diagon alley area from Florida being in the Hollywood WWHP, I wonder if that’s what’s going up where the house of horrors was…

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