Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Update – July 12th 2015

image9 (Large)We were very excited to spend another day at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, and we had a great time. I’m sure many of you have heard the rumors surrounding Roar, which we will discuss, but there’s plenty of other things going on at the park, including the recent Dare Devil Chaos Coaster incident, so let’s get started. 

The fountain in the entrance plaza of the park still doesn’t have any water flowing, due to the drought. Same goes for the water under Voodoo.IMG_1352 (Large)

Near the fountain, next to Studio 6F, a Batman photo op appeared!imagee (Large)

Speaking of water, White Water Safari is currently closed, yet still has a small bit of water running. Hopefully it will reopen soon.IMG_1341 (Large)
Both Tsunami Soaker and Monsoon Falls were sporting sizable lines despite the modest weather.IMG_1297 (Large) IMG_1360 (Large)
V2 also had a line spilling into the switchbacks towards the end of the day, which is pretty uncommon.image1 (Large)
V2’s refurbed train also received a Twix wrap, with the station receiving some ads as well.imageb (Large)
Superman: Ultimate Flight was closed until about 1, and we were lucky to enter the line just as it opened, and we walked right on. When we exited the switchbacks were full.image10 (Large)
Roar was running two trains, yet had a size able line. It’s starting to shrug off its recent retracking, and is showing some roughness. However, it seems that it won’t be around for much longer it its current form, so that may be irrelevant. We suggest you go get your last rides on it.image2 (Large)
We found this in the bathroom nearest to Roar. Coincidence? I think not!imagec (Large)
Like Six Flags Magic Mountain down south, Discovery Kingdom also has the ‘Got Milk?’ promotion going on. This milk-measure-thing is over at Hammerhead. imagem (Large)
Also similar to Magic Mountain, and a chain-wide thing, is the after-close Discover ERT. Pretty sweet ERT line-up at DK if you ask us! imagef (Large)
It’s SHARK WEEK! Discovery Kingdom’s Shark Exhibit didn’t forget about that. Very cool to see the park do something with it. imagel (Large)
Medusa was running two trains as always, and was absolute on skates. It seemed to be running incredibly fast, and we had a fantastic ride.image11 (Large)
We took a swing on Kong as well, which was running pretty well, and the two train operations kept lines reasonable.image4 (Large)
The recent construction behind the Wildlife Theater has been completed and has resulted in a nice played tree surrounded by some flowers. The theater has a new name as well, Explore Theater.IMG_1340 (Large)
Tazmanian Devil is closed unfortunately, and had some workers working on it underneath.imageg (Large)
Boomerang has its sign being repainted while it was there.IMG_1338 (Large)
It was also running very smoothly, which almost made up for the 45 minute line I waited in. Ark, across from Boomerang, has also reopened, but was a walk on.image5 (Large)
The Dare Devil Grill has been opened  for a while now, and has a limited, but satisfying menu, that offers mostly burgers and fries.imageq (Large)
Lastly, Dare Devil Chaos Coaster recently had an incident in which a restraint unlocked during the ride cycle. Fortunately no was injured. Since then, all Larson Loopers at Six Flags parks have closed to undergo inspection. We are sure that the problem will be resolved. It is a very fun ride, and we have full confidence that the parks and Larson and working very hard to keep the safety of riders a guarantee.image3 (Large)

 That’s about it for this update. We will be back at the park in the near future for more coverage. So, what do you think about the potential RMC Roar, comment below, and let us know!
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7 Replies to “Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Update – July 12th 2015”

  1. Don’t worry about taking a break. Everyone needs one now and then. It lets you get all rested up and come back with a bang.

    I hadn’t heard anything about RMC redoing Roar. The last time I rode it was in 1999 when it was brand new. Unlike the coasters at SFMM, it hasn’t operated all year round till this year or last (I forget when SFDK went to year-round operation).

    It’s been so long since I was in that area, but I need to get back up there to get caught up with rides that have been added since then. Your reports are informative, so keep ’em coming when you can!

    1. Thanks Eric!

      It started operating year-round last year (2 winters now), and it’s still trying hard to get the crowds to know that. There’s some incredible ticket deals during that period. Roar is actually very ‘likely’ to get the one Six Flags Iron Horse for 2016, so we’ve been told. Though, you never know. I personally think there are other rides in the chain that could benefit from it way more, but it would definitely mark SFDK as the thrill leader in NorCal, which is an important push for the park.

      Hopefully you can make it out there sometime soon, I don’t know if you’ve ridden Medusa, but since all trims have been taken off over the years, it runs significantly intenser! And of course Superman Ultimate Flight is a ‘must-ride’.

      Thanks for commenting, if you ever need any tips for your day at SFDK, let us know!

  2. I do think 90% that roar will do a remake over have upside down loops.But I think if roar is not doing a remake over I think that they could put the batman 4d coaster were the go carts are because if they take that out it will have room for that coaster.

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