Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – July 15th 2015

20150715_114945 (Large)It was a relatively empty summer day at Six Flags Magic Mountain, though sadly some rides were running anything but perfect. Goliath’s chain is being put in place with a gigantic 300 foot crane, and some more things around the park we’ll be discussing in this update. 

Let’s start with the fact that Batman was running interestingly today, many short delays. 20150715_155316 (Large) Riddler’s Revenge pissed me off more than anything, it’s mid-summer, running one train again… Nice shot though, I think. 20150715_114945 (Large) The exit-sign of Riddler’s Revenge has been replaced, it now looks more similar to the new Scream! exit-signs!20150715_114450 (Large)

Superman: Escape From Krypton was running both sides today! 😛 The red train has some sort of different wheels that make it quieter… bud sadly, it hardly reaches the red part of the structure, as where the loud green side skyrockets way into the red part of the structure.20150715_150526 (Large) I haven’t been up here much lately, but with all the handicap friendly conversions around the park, the exit of SEFK seems to have received handrails too! 20150715_112309 (Large)

The PS4 game Street Fighter 5 has been up for guests to try out for a couple of days now. 20150715_173808 (Large)

Goliath’s chain has arrived and is currently being installed. There’s a 300 ft crane on site, that was involved with the placement of the new chain all day. 20150715_163019 (Large) Here’s a better look of how tall the crane is.20150715_100037 (Large) 20150715_171851 (Large)

Moving to the Apocalypse area, since the Epic Rides gift shop is closed, and the Slingshot tickets have to be purchased at the actual ride, the park has set up a bunch of signs in the area advertising the ride, since the guests exiting through the gift store… well, no longer walk right next to the counter and slingshot ticket sell point. 20150715_123950 (Large) They also have a new logo for the ride, and new signage showing off the deals to ride, in a clearer fashion. Before, you had to really look for the pricing. 20150715_124200 (Large) More EXTREME advertising 😛20150715_124236 (Large)

Twisted Colossus’s station has received TV’s as you may know. Though the one next to the Flashpass area doesn’t work yet. 20150715_164511 (Large) Luckily the original ride soundtrack is still playing, and this TV that works is muted. 20150715_165015 (Large) In the Twisted Wiches sandwich shop next door, they’re grandly advertising the Colossus’Which on two sides of the restaurant. 20150715_163022 (Large)

I noted these two arrows a couple of weeks ago at the entrance of the Viper station. A little lost why they’re there, I’m sure people can figure out that the stairs are going to the boarding level of the station, and that a chain means that you’re not supposed to enter. 20150715_131231 (Large)

Lastly, the park is STILL selling Batman Backwards T-shirts, and they weren’t discounted either! Haha! 😀 20150715_183822 (Large)

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5 Replies to “Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – July 15th 2015”

  1. We may be getting close to Goliath reopening in a matter of days, if everything goes smoothly.

    Speaking of Six Flags… it looks like Magic Mountain’s sister park Six Flags Discovery Kingdom has confirmed the August 16 closure of Roar, amid growing speculation of the GCI manufactured wood coaster receiving RMC renovation. We won’t know for sure until September 3, when Six Flags is expected to make 2016 announcement.

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