ROAR ‘Update’ – July 23rd 2015

image6 (Large)With Roar closing on August 16th and plenty of hints and tips to go with it, it has become abundantly clear that an RMC hybrid conversion of the coaster is on the way for 2016. There’s a bit more info about the likelihood in our More Roar article. 

– Recently our images have popped up on other sites and forums, awesome that our coverage spreads, not so awesome that no one mentioned where they got the images from. We are totally fine with our audience using our images, BUT ONLY IF credit is given to Thank you! – 

Now however, is the time for Northern California to shine with our very own RMC which at this point is all but confirmed. So welcome to our first (of  hopefully many updates to come on the (so far UNCONFIRMED) construction of RMC Roar.image6 (Large)

Outside of Roar is a sign mentioning its nearing date of closure August 16th. Interestingly enough, this is pretty much the only mention of its closure, and the the coaster has been sporting minimal lines. It may be too soon for a major reaction such as Colossus got, so we shall see.IMG_1518 (Large)
The pre lift has red markings on the supports have been there for quite a bit. Speaking of the pre-lift, if RMC were to Iron Horse this woodie, we would like to see RMC do something a bit special with this pre lift, maybe something like a Jojo Roll. Roar’s current pre-lift made the 5 Best Pre-Lifts in California!image1 (Large)
There are many stacks of fresh wood covered by tarp directly adjacent to the pre lift where Roars current storage shed is located. – Note: The unwrapped wood, as well of several other stacks of wood are left from the last retracking done on Roar. There’s not any new wood on site. (For those that read at an earlier time, we made a small mistake, which has been edited). IMG_1578 (Large)image3 (Large)
There is also a large amount of older looking steel cross beams in the same location that are from Roars current state. This doesn’t seem to be related to the ‘rumored’ makeover, though we hope to soon see more work and activity in this area. image4 (Large)
The same counts for these stacks of wood located within Roar’s structure that are a little harder to be seen, since they’re sort of hidden. We needed to snap a picture from the lift hill in order to show you them.image2 (Large)
Lastly, they’re are even more stacks of wood stored behind boomerang that may have recently arrived. It’s quite hard to see, but this may also be wood they use for Fright Fest. image5 (Large)

 Thanks for reading! This was a short one, we know, but we will provide you with all of the construction that is to come. For now, there really isn’t anything confirmed, we’re just looking around to see if there are more signs indicating an RMC conversion, because it’s officially still unconfirmed. We look forward to bringing you the most frequent and up to date Roar coverage in the coming year may RMC be working on it soon, and if so, we can’t wait to see what RMC has in store. So, what would you like to see layout wise in Roar’s next chapter? Comment below, and let us know! – If you have yet to check out our popular More Roar… article, check it out! Here‘s the actual Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Article of that day!

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  1. When is six flags going to announce their 2016 attractions. If you know , how dod you find out?

  2. Did you see my comment on your last roar artical where I mentioned the pre-lift jojo roll? Because I think that would make for an awesome pre-lift

  3. Sorry, the previous comment belongs to me, I accidentally entered in my name for one and my account for the other

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