Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Update – July 23rd 2015

IMG_1606 (Large)We were back at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom for another update and in just two weeks a lot has changed around the park. From the closure of Roar’s current form to reopening of Dare Devil Chaos Coaster there is plenty of content to discuss, and the more Discovery Kingdom coverage the better.

Speaking of closures, Tazmaninan Devil and White Water Safari remain closed for the time being, both of which are presumably being worked on.image3 (Large)

Voodoo also joins the back of the park closure party. Interesting, there is a cherry picker hanging around on the path nearest Voodoo, so it may need some serious maintenance.image4 (Large)Though this cherry picker may still be stored there from the recent 2-year project the park finished. The lagoon behind the ride has been entirely refurbished and has been filled again.image5 (Large)

Superman: Ultimate Flight knows all about maintenance, during our last few visits it has opened late and been on and off thereafter. Luckily while waiting for it to open we had some great conversations with ride op Jordan who kept us entertained until the ride opened. He’s a very cool guy and fellow coaster-enthusiast. As a reward for sticking it out, we got two back to back rides on Superman and we got to meet Jordan. Win win.IMG_1677 (Large)

V2 also had some brief maintenance issues but managed to stay open for the majority of the day aside from one brief closure, and of course only had a station wait.image1 (Large)

Kong remains at one train operation, so we skipped it, which we rarely do. (Not everyone hates SLC’s, you know?)image8 (Large)

Medusa has received even more Taki’s ads throughout its exit path. As if there weren’t enough already…image2 (Large)

The Butterfly Exhibit has reopened to the public, whereas recently it has been closed due to under-staffing.image6 (Large)

The path to Toyota Stadium near the Butterfly Exhibit has remained closed since Holiday in the park, but recently a large amount of steel rods have been stacked in that area, maybe for Fright Fest as there is a scare zone in that area.IMG_1621 (Large)

The old Season Pass processing center now houses the IT department of Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. For those who were unaware, the season pass processing is now done at the Explorer’s Outpost in the main plaza. image7 (Large)

Speak of the Devil, Dare Devil Chaos Coaster has reopened and we couldn’t be happier about it. It’s a very fun ride and we are glad the park and Larson have worked out any safety concerns. To put the icing on the cake, we got an extra crazy cycle today of what felt like about 20 inversions, hooray! This ride and all its counterparts our very underrated in our opinion and we’d like to seem them get more credit as the awesome thrill rides they are.IMG_1606 (Large)

The park has put up a rather small sign, reminding guests that Roar will be closing on August 16th of this year. IMG_1518 (Large)

As mentioned, Roar will be closing August 16th. Rumor has it, it’ll become an RMC masterpiece. You can read more about this in our More Roar article here.image6 (Large)

That’s it for this update, but make sure to look out for more Six Flags Discovery Kingdom coverage in the future. Here’s something we’ve been wondering about lately, what do you think of Larson loops? Comment below and let us know.


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11 Replies to “Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Update – July 23rd 2015”

  1. I love Larson loops, but I just don’t think they fit in a park with such a big name. I’d expect this to be in a smaller park, like Silverwood, or Knoebels.

  2. I just herd that six flags discovery kingdom not getting a hybrid coaster from Rocky mountain construction.

      1. I think that discovery kingdom is going to take down Roar and rebuild it because Im petty sure that there going to expand that ride out through the park maybe take out the go carts to make room.

  3. breaking news six flags discovery kingdom has topper track in the location its not going to be a i box transformation of Roar near the front of the park but not to much of it it looks like discovery kingdom is going to get a topper track you fans can go see it your self.

  4. I think that six flags is probably going to even have a wooden wing coaster like X2 like at magic mountain but going experiencing that they never built before like they made superman because that ride was one of its kind of its own.

  5. OK I was kind of going over board with that sorry but one thing i do know is that i saw that they have some red track right below the first drop of Roar.

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