Ghost Town Alive is Back at Knott’s Berry Farm! (+ Park Update!)

Sean: Back for another summer of fun are all residents of Calico! Knott’s Berry Farm has brought back their popular Ghost Town Alive! event this season , along with a new production at the Charles M. Schulz Theater. Let’s take a look at the event as well as some other changes around the park!

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Is that the mayor of Calico I am spotting in front of the Town Hall? It sure is! 

During Ghost Town Alive pretty much every single building in Ghost Town is an attraction, whether that’s a live show, shop, museum, or one of the many character interaction points.

Swoopin’ over Ghost Town’s action is Silver Bullet. We caught some glorious front row rides on it during our day at the park! 


Open for Ghost Town Alive, are the stables/barn in the center of Ghost Town! 

I am low key afraid of horses, but the ones at Knott’s looked particularly nice 🙂

It’s just great to see how interactive the event is. There are guests scattered all throughout Ghost Town and are interacting with the huge amount of actors at the event. There’s no event that just screams “Knott’s” like this one. It’s so perfect for this park. 

A popular attraction at the event is making a “Wanted!” poster! 

The town of Calico (Ghost Town) has all sorts of family feuds and weddings and robberies, etc going on throughout the day, but the main event is where all these stories come together at the Calico Town Square in the daily Hoedown! 

A live band supports the actors and the many different dances that guests participate in! 

This is what the square looks like during the hoedown, large amounts of actors and guests. It’s the highlight of the event. 

Many dances take place that involve the entire audience! Everyone seemed to have an amazing time! 😀 

Of course the interactive story continues and there may or may not be a large scale arrest! 

One of our favorite places to visit in Calico/Ghost Town is the school house! From the first time I ever visited Knott’s, I still enjoy this particular section of Ghost Town a lot! 

Also new this summer is Knott’s Berry Farm’s Snoopy’s Magnificent Revue, a large scale Peanut Gang-invaded magic show!

The tap dancing was absolutely spectacular! Definitely our favorite part of the 30 minute show!

There is a good integration between the Peanut Gang presence and the illusions, yet most illusions (there were definitely some very solid ones) failed to impress me. 


Let’s get a quick park update going in this report as well! Since the Boardwalk area of the park is the blatant buzz of the farm’s future right now! First off, Xcelerator cables were laying near the Xcelerator line, which was a fun sight for coaster nerds!

A less fun sight was the Xcelerator seats and destroyed Boomerang cars that were laying in a trash container next to the line. Avid readers know how much I liked Boomerang

Let’s move to the old Boomerang plot and see what’s going on over there! Currently it looks like several trees are to be removed in the near future. They’re marked with red tape. 

The plot itself is being cleared and is actually quite large for Knott’s Berry Farm standards! We’re hearing exciting things for this section of the park, some of the latest rumors are stating an Intamin project, perhaps Cedar Fair is again interested in working with this Swiss manufacturer, I’ve also heard people talk about a Gerstlauer Eurofighter/Infinity Coaster type of ride themed to surfing! 

This should be the 2018 addition to the park, meaning we may see construction for a new ride in the very near future! 

Also new at the Boardwalk soon, will be the Boardwalk BBQ! We have discussed the construction in many of our recent updates, here’s a current look at it!

The entrance and light fixtures are currently being added! The above image will give you a good idea of what the building will look like, while the below images are the current state of construction! 

Here’s the side of the building, which has yet to look anything like the concept arts. I do love how Knott’s is sticking to this whole 50s’ theme! 

The Boardwalk pool has been repainted with black sides and blue bottom. It looks much more realistic!

Also new at the Boardwalk is the SUPREME SCREAM LIGHT PACKAGE! That changes colors, has different colors for each tower, and just looks fantastic! 

Let’s finish this report of Ghost Town Alive and the park update with a nighttime shot of GhostRider, because GhostRider nighttime rides are just incredible! 

Thank you for checking out this Ghost Town Alive report and park update of Knott’s Berry Farm! Check out Knott’s Soak City’s new line-up of attractions, here! 

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