Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – June 8th 2017

Sean: It was time for some rides on our favorite coasters at Six Flags Magic Mountain, and of course there was plenty to report on with the addition of Metropolis, the Riddler’s Revenge repaint, Tidal Wave updates, and a whole lot more. Here’s a brand new Six Flags Magic Mountain Update for you all!

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First off… guess what we found? One restaurant, two menu screens WITH DIFFERENT PRICES FOR THE SAME ITEMS! <3 Gotta love this! Drink prices for example were off between 10 and 40 cents with the other screen. 😀

Let’s now continue on with more newsworthy content. Full Throttle Nights has started again for the year, the main stage in Full Throttle Plaza also serves as a Grad Night stage currently. 

New this year is the Dueling Pianos at Full Throttle Sports Bar. And… you’ve guessed it, it’s Dueling Piano live show inside the restaurant on select evenings.

New inside the park is a selection of themed photo booths. These are located in the “High Sierra” section of the park (or what’s left of it rather) in front of the Golden Bear Theater. 

In Bugs Bunny World, right next to Whistlestop Park we find another detailed themed photo booth. 

A welcomed sight was the reconstruction of Swashbuckler! It had been dismantled for a while. I’m glad they’re getting this flat ride (on of the very few the park has) ready for the summer.

If you look closely at the roof of the Goliath exit, you’ll notice it has received a new roof. The exit used to be just a screen, that eventually started tearing up a bit. This may have happened a while back, we just never covered it before. 🙂

LEX LUTHOR: DROP OF DOOM! Still our favorite drop ride around. It lined up with both Superman trains during our ride. 

More Grad Nite stage stuff! 

This summer the park is very much into new characters in the DC Universe area, including the Joker and Superman! 

Speaking of Superman, the park has very consistently been running both Superman: Escape From Krypton sides lately. The “green train” side (seen below) seems to hardly reach the red section of the tower. 

As where the “red train” side is constantly way up near the brakes on top of the tower. When you have the chance, take the left line when entering the ride’s queue. 

Moving on to Ninja, the ride has recently received a light package! All supports surrounding the midway between Rapids Crossing and Cyclone Bay have received LED fixtures that light up the classic Arrow Suspended Swinging Coaster! 

Here are some shots of the new lights by @ZachMooreDesign on Twitter! 

Speaking of Ninja, what I spot in the background is Metropolis and the Riddler’s Revenge repaint. Let’s go check it out! 

First thing first, in front of the newly refurbished restaurants a new Face Painting stand has been placed. There are now several around the park. 

When looking at the new Beer Garden it’s noticeable that the Gazebo is becoming a near-360-degree bar! 😀 Other than that there seem to be several very large planters in the area which may house new trees, or large flowerbeds. 

The facade of Justice League: Battle for Metropolis is finally going up. The JB’s BBQ transformation on the right is still in full swing.

The entire area is still very much dirt and the fact that the facade is just now going up makes me think this ride will not open for a while. 

I am though very excited to see how it all turns out. Riddler’s Revenge’s repaint in the back sure looks pretty!

New blue tables for the restaurant! 

From the Gold Rusher station, much of the Riddler repaint seems completed, with the newly refurbished restaurants out front it sure looks nice.

The back turns near the brake-run and MCBR have been completely repainted:

The corkscrews, the first dive loop, and the inclined loop have yet to be repainted. Note that the facade in front of the ride (where the turn out of the first corkscrew takes place) has also been partially repainted with the bright new green. 

Moving on to Tidal Wave, here’s a look at the part of the line that will no longer be used. I really hope they at least clean it up before they reopen Tidal Wave later this month. 

As we mentioned in a few updates ago, the new line’s shade awnings have been placed. The ride is rumored to depart next year so the park can connect DC Universe with Metropolis for a giant DC Comics themed land. 

The Tidal Wave sign that used to be located at the previous entrance next to Riddler’s Revenge has been moved to the new entrance!

RIDDLER! Okay back to Riddler’s Revenge repaint pictures! 

The majority of the ride’s track has been repainted the light green, and most of the supports surrounding the drop have received their final coating of golden yellow. The lighter supports are still in primer.

It’s such a different sight now, walking around DC Universe with bright yellow Riddler’s Revenge in the background. 


The three largest supports and the chain-return have yet to be repainted entirely, the rest of the ride from this angle looks fresh and finished! – Oh hey Batman!

Here’s a final repaint shot. We’ll be back soon for more repaint pictures! 

Let’s wrap up this Six Flags Magic Mountain event with this interaction between a dropping Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom gondola and the Superman train! 

Thanks for checking out this new Six Flags Magic Mountain Update! Stay tuned for some Dollywood and Six Flags Over Georgia reports soon, as well as a complete review of Aquatica San Diego, County Fair coverage and more!

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  1. Eh what??? Tidal wave might get shut down next year? That’s bad because it’s one less water ride at magic. It would be cool if it’s replaced by a water coaster?

  2. Is Riddler’s Revenge gonna open up soon if it finished repainting? I’m going for the first and only time for a while in 3 days

  3. I read they are testing the ride and that all that needs to be done is the outside construction. Any truth to that?

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